Moving Home

19 06 2009

In a couple of senses of the phrase!

This summer I lose my uni web space, so this is what I am transferring to, you can see at the top there’s still pages for bible verses, quotes, etc! I’m really not sure how often this blog will get used, but it is the homepage, so for now I’ll leave this post sat here… see how often I update it!

Saturday I move home from Uni for good! (well, apart from 6 days in July when I’m here but with a suitcase, but this Saturday is the proper moving home time!

If I find the time I’ll import my old blogs here, it shouldn’t take long if I just sit down and do it, but it’s finding the time when I don’t have something more important like job applications to be doing!

Oh, and the good news of the day, I got a 2:2 in my degree 😀