Can Narnia have faults?

18 02 2010

I’ve been re-listening to my old Narnia audio books lately (and realising I still know them word for word!), but a few things have struck me while listening, and it struck me, can such respected literature have plot faults?

In The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the second time Lucy goes into the wardrobe, she is followed a couple of minutes later by Edmund. Now we’re told that no matter how much time one spends in Narnia, it never takes up any of “our time”. Therefore, should Lucy not have come back out of the wardrobe before Edmund had the chance to get in? That could have changed the entire plot!

In Prince Caspian, Professor Kirk tells the children that they can’t get to Narnia the same way twice. However, in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Lucy goes through the wardrobe to Narnia no less than three times!

Also, whenever the children go back to “our world” they always end up in the clothes they were wearing when they went into Narnia, however, when they head back to Narnia, they don’t suddenly change clothes to whatever they were last wearing there!

On a completely different note, this is the first time I’ve listened to the Chronicles in Narnia in quite a long time (I’ve seen the films – not as good, and it’s a good while since I read the books too) and I’m just picking up so much more from them. They are fantastic as children’s books, but they just teach so much about God too! I bought a little book a couple of years back going into the biblical links in Narnia but I never got past The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe… I may well go back to it and see what else I’ve been missing!

I’m hoping I won’t find any more points to irritate me, so I’ll publish this post now, and hope that I don’t need to do a sequel!

Metric vs Imperial

10 02 2010

So yesterday I was discussing with someone what system the country uses. The Americans see us as a pretty Metric place, and the Europeans see us as Imperial in comparison with themselves, so I thought I’d think through what I use more!

  • 1D Space
    On a long journey I’d give my distance in miles, but the length of a pencil I’d give in cm. I give my height in feet and inches, and the length of a cable in metres.
  • 2D Space
    I’d guess in square metres for a room, people tend to use acres for large things like land, and I’d go with square cm for a bit of paper (or A3, A4 etc, not sure what that system is!).
  • 3D Space
    I’d say mainly metric here. Most things in ml and litres, but then milk is always pints!
  • Velocity
    Speed limits in this country are all mph, but speed records tend to be metres per second for more sciency things. I do think we’re more imperial in general here… unless anyone has a good counter example?
  • Acceleration
    The standard car way of measuring this is “0-60 in x seconds” so this is actually imperial… again sciency things in metres per second squared… neither hugely common.
  • Mass
    I’d give my weight (if I was sharing it!) in stone, pasta & rice in grams, and cake measurements in ounces. Baby weight in pounds, and big iron weights in cartoons in tons!
  • Time!
    Time I would say is just it’s own scheme… I’d love a metric time system, but don’t see it EVER happening! …Or, as someone at work said a while ago, we should start using a base 12 number system for everything, this would make time metric, and we could put everything into this system!

Any other forms of measurement I’ve missed?

Relearning lessons learnt, and learning new ones

1 02 2010

In July 2005, shortly after the 7/7 attacks on the London Underground I went through a phrase of getting really quite down about the state of the world that we live in. How miserable it is, all the war, all the poverty, the way we’re gradually destroying it.

Talking about this with friends at the time, we discussed how we can at least appreciate that this world is only temporary. One day, we who have put our hope in Christ will go to a place infinitely better! This cheered me up massively, and I tried to keep this my focus each time something else happened in the world that was ready to plummet my attitude back down to the depths.

The last couple of weeks though I’ve needed to relearn this.

The Haiti stuff has hit me pretty hard. A place with SO much poverty, a place that was so poor before any of this happened, gets struck in such a way that some articles are saying they will take DECADES to recover. Part of the reason for this is the poverty that they were already in, that they couldn’t afford for strong enough buildings, for strong enough equipment to rescue those who were trapped. It’s most probable that had this event happened in the UK, US or any other developed (or whatever today’s PC term is) country, that the devastation would be nothing in comparison.

And because of this, I forgot all that I learnt four and a half years ago.

I think partly because I’m so much more involved in it this time, and seeing the pain that people are suffering, when while I have confidence in going somewhere better after this, who knows if these people know God.

There have been some amazing videos on the news of those in Haiti singing praise to God even amidst this devastation, which is awesome, but so many out there don’t.

I think I need to relearn the lesson I learnt back in 2005, and learn another one on top of it. Not quite sure what it is yet, but I’m sure God will teach me in His timing…