Relearning lessons learnt, and learning new ones

1 02 2010

In July 2005, shortly after the 7/7 attacks on the London Underground I went through a phrase of getting really quite down about the state of the world that we live in. How miserable it is, all the war, all the poverty, the way we’re gradually destroying it.

Talking about this with friends at the time, we discussed how we can at least appreciate that this world is only temporary. One day, we who have put our hope in Christ will go to a place infinitely better! This cheered me up massively, and I tried to keep this my focus each time something else happened in the world that was ready to plummet my attitude back down to the depths.

The last couple of weeks though I’ve needed to relearn this.

The Haiti stuff has hit me pretty hard. A place with SO much poverty, a place that was so poor before any of this happened, gets struck in such a way that some articles are saying they will take DECADES to recover. Part of the reason for this is the poverty that they were already in, that they couldn’t afford for strong enough buildings, for strong enough equipment to rescue those who were trapped. It’s most probable that had this event happened in the UK, US or any other developed (or whatever today’s PC term is) country, that the devastation would be nothing in comparison.

And because of this, I forgot all that I learnt four and a half years ago.

I think partly because I’m so much more involved in it this time, and seeing the pain that people are suffering, when while I have confidence in going somewhere better after this, who knows if these people know God.

There have been some amazing videos on the news of those in Haiti singing praise to God even amidst this devastation, which is awesome, but so many out there don’t.

I think I need to relearn the lesson I learnt back in 2005, and learn another one on top of it. Not quite sure what it is yet, but I’m sure God will teach me in His timing…