Losing blood

31 03 2010

So what with the long Easter weekend, and my brother Alan’s 20th birthday the Tuesday before, I decided to take Holy week off and head down south 🙂

Yesterday my brother and I did our bit for humanity and lost 470ml of blood for the first time. Seemed a nice thing for him to do on his birthday!

I was a little nervous, but knew they’d turn me down if I wasn’t healthy enough, so went in with a bit of confidence… the weirdest bit was probably feeling the warmth of the tube on my arm as it started, but other than that I didn’t feel anything!

Due to my history of slight panic attacks, I was a little lightheaded, and made the mistake of telling them this. It seems if you can’t confidently tell them you’re 100% A-OK then they have a procedure. They instantly put my bed flat, put a huge cushion thing under my feet, and the lady in charge came over and put a cool cloth on my face…. what a fuss – I was fine!! Nice to know they’re careful though I guess.

After plenty of squash and biscuits I headed back to the train station, to find that all trains to Romsey (just a 12minute journey away) were delayed “due to a vehicle hitting a bridge in the Romsey area”… again! Reminds me of that summer where I think 4 HGVs hit Greatbridge in a month? Though apparantly that bridge was clear this time, so we’re wondering if it was the bridge by Botley Road…. I’m sure this weeks Romsey Advertiser will reveal all…. it’s good to be home!

“Paying off” my student loan

16 03 2010

I knew that next month I start the long process of paying off my student loan.
I went on the student loans website, and used their calculator to work out what I will be paying back each month.
I put in my current debt of about £21,000 (for those of you who gasped, this is pretty standard for 3 years with the newish tuition fees) and my salary, and it came out with £57 a month for the next 300 months (25 years). This sounded pretty good until I read on…
After 25 years, the remaining balance of about £45,000 will be wiped. £45,000?! That’s double what I owe at the moment, even with paying £17,000 over those years. That’s a total debt of over TREBLE my initial borrowings…
There’s an option to voluntarily pay more back, but really, what is the point?!
Amusingly, what I borrowed to start with was about £19,000, which is closeish to what I’ll be paying back!

What a system ey?