On the internet, you never know who’s watching!

23 04 2010

So today at work I got an email from a colleague saying they’d found my blog on Compassion’s Blogroll.

I was pretty surprised. This is a personal blog, linked up with my personal email account – how on earth did they find me?! I’m not bothered by it at all, was just entirely curious!

It turns out a simple google search discovered my entry where I mentioned that I work for Compassion UK, and so I was bookmarked!

A simple reminder that nothing on the internet is as hidden as you assume it is!

Happy 1st April

1 04 2010

I’ve seen some really quite good April Fools stuff this morning, so I thought I’d list them below! Not sure how permenant the links are, but hopefully they’ll last at least for today.



YouTube – Example here

Google Animal Translate


The Guardian (make sure to click through all the images)

Firebox x7

Ben & Jerry’s

The Telegraph

The Independent

The Sun

Daily Express 1
Daily Express 2

BBC Radio 4


Some random blog takes the rip of Apple

Shakeaway: this was in email form, so have pasted it below!

Radical change to ShakeAway Flavours! 1st April 2010

Hellooooo again Ineke,

Everyone is familiar with the good ol’ ShakeAway Menu with our 150+ MilkShakes, but now that the first shop is over 11 years old and there are nearly 50 shops around the UK, we thought it’s time for a change.

You know we have the MilkShake Categories to make choosing easier….
Fruity, Chocolatey, Sweety,
Biscuity, Cakey and Everything Elsey.

We’ve decided it’s MUCH easier for us (stock, wastage, etc) to have just one flavour for each Category. We’ve therefore gone for the MOST POPULAR flavour in each section.

So, here are the Future ShakeAway Flavours….

FRUITY: Banana
SWEETY: Jelly Babies
CAKEY: Spotted Dick

We are REALLY excited about this new way forward, making the BEST SIX FLAVOURS of MilkShakes – anywhere!

What do we do with all the old flavours? SALE!

We have, of course, been running stocks down, and TODAY UNTIL NOON we have a GRAND SALE with ALL REGULAR MILKSHAKES FOR £1.00* which are NOT Banana, Chocolate, Jelly Babies, Fig Roll, Spotted Dick or Vanilla.

Bring the Voucher below or display this email on your Phone.

ENJOY! And Welcome to the New-Look, Simpler ShakeAway!
…Proud original re-inventors of Six Flavours of MilkShakes…

*Regular Single Flavour MilkShakes

And 10 things that could be April fools, but aren’t!