My Perfect Country

18 11 2010

This sounds like a Junior School homework title, but it’s something I was thinking about the other day, so I thought I’d split it into categories, and look at it a bit more!

This is what first got me thinking, as winter is well and truly settling in I’m not enjoying it at all. At work we have a little Intranet style site which happens to have the weather in each of our partner countries. Right now, we have highs of maybe 7 here, whereas down in Oz, they might be at 19 in the middle of the night!! I definitely could do with an Australian climate!

I like food, particularly chocolate. I’m a huge curry fan and love a bit of chilli or bolognaise, but Englad is where you can get all of these easily – I’ve no idea how multicultural other countries food is, so while I’m not a huge fan of some typically English foods, I do love the variety here, and of course Cadburys.

Public Transport
That is a bit pants here. You always here about the efficiency of public transport in Europe, and public services, I guess let’s throw a little Europe in here.

Maybe there’s more to consider here, couldn’t think of any more titles off the top of my head!