If I ever met another Ineke

8 03 2011

If i ever met another Ineke I really don’t know how I’d cope.

I’ve met an Ineke before, but I’m named after her, so it’s not quite the same.

Recently at work we’ve started to get more people with the same name as our staff grows, but I’ve always assumed there’ll never be another Ineke. But what if there was? There *are* other Ineke’s in the UK, it’s not entirely infeasible. But I think I’d freak out.

Last summer I was at a conference/festival thing, and we were talking in groups about ‘what defines us.’ Well, as I spent the first couple of minutes telling them my name then having to answer questions on pronunciation and where it’s from, I said my name seems to be a lot of what I am!

If I met another Ineke who I was going to come into contact with regularly, I think that’d be really weird…