Monkey tail beards

14 06 2011

I learnt something new today, courtesy of the latest Stuff Christians Like blogpost:

“Recently, a friend of mine told me that the David Crowder Band was breaking up. I like them, both musically and beardedly. In that order. I never put a person’s facial hair above their music. That’s one of the rules I live my life by. Unless they’ve got a monkey tail, which apparently is a thing now.

What’s that you say? Well, you grow one sideburn very long. Then you grow it into a beard that goes down one side of your face, over your chin and finally curves under your nose like the tail of a monkey. Then you move to Brooklyn.”

I googled and found you an example
monkey tail beard

I think this falls under the thing-that-would-be-fun-to-do-as-you-shave-off-a-beard-but-not-to-keep category! I wonder if Dave Gorman had this in his list of drawings when he nearly shaved his beard in his Googlewhack Adventure…?