Weetabix – how do you eat yours?

31 08 2011

This morning for the first time in several months I cracked open a box of Weetabix (actually, Tesco’s own brand, but same difference), as the time had come yet again to change what I have for breakfast.

I have a very set way I eat my Weetabix. After discussing this with someone at lunch today (who has given up on breakfast all together as it’s so boring!) I’ve realised my method may be a little odd. Let me share it with you, let me know what you think!

  1. Take 2 Weetabixs out of the packet. Place one in the bowl, put one to one side.
  2. Get everything else you want with your breakfast out and ready where you want to sit and eat, and make sure you have your spoon out too.
  3. Pour milk into the bowl over the first Weetabix to about level with the top of the Weetabix (obviously dependent on the size of the bowl!)
  4. Very quickly take the bowl and the spare Weetabix to where the rest of your breakfast is, rest the spare Weetabix on your knee, and eat the wet one as fast as possible before it goes soggy.
  5. Make sure all mulch is consumed.
  6. Take the second Weetabix, put it in the bowl and turn over once so both sides are wet.
  7. Repeat process of swift consumption before this Weetabix too gets soggy.
  8. Again consume any remaining mulch (if you can face it), also the remaining milk, and bin any mulch that just makes you want to gag.

That’s how I eat mine, how do you eat yours?!

What other foods do you have weird methods of eating?

Who we are vs what we hide behind

22 08 2011

In prayers last week at work, someone in my group prayed this “You see through low self esteem to who we are”

This struck a massive chord. I’ve always seen my low self esteem as who I am, not something that hides who I am, I’ve always seen it as part of me.

Definitely something to think about!

Not so good with words

20 08 2011

I’m a mathematician. I am not a linguist – sometimes I wonder why on earth I blog!

When it comes to prayer, sometimes I just can’t find any words, and in the last year or 2, when I have no words I seem to have reverted to the words of a song I learnt a very long time ago when I was a littlun in Sunday School.

It’s amazing how the words of a simple song I knew so long ago, just say so much so easily!

I found 2 links to the song, a youtube where some people have modernised it, and a website with a much more old skool style audio clip of it, so I’ll share both with you, and then the words as well 🙂

Audio version

Thank You Jesus,
Thank You Jesus,
Thank You Lord for loving me.
Thank You Jesus,
Thank You Jesus,
Thank You Lord for loving me.

You went to Calvary,
and there You died for me,
Thank You Lord for loving me.
You went to Calvary,
and there You died for me,
Thank You Lord for loving me.

You rose up from the grave,
to me new life You gave,
Thank You Lord for loving me.
You rose up from the grave,
to me new life You gave,
Thank You Lord for loving me.

What’s the first birthday you don’t look forward to?

12 08 2011

I often wonder what my favourite age was, and I guess there’s many ways to measure this, but here’s one.

The first birthday I truly dreaded was my 20th. After being a teenager for so long, changing the first digit of my age felt like so much more of a step and suddenly so much more grown up and responsible when I was still just a student – I didn’t look forward to it one bit! So I guess I often think of 19 as my favourite age, that was 2nd year of Uni, which was when I really started to enjoy it (apart from the studying of course!). I took massive steps forward that year, learnt a lot, am a better person for it!

The Modern Fish

10 08 2011

Well, when I say modern I mean 5-10 years ago!

Early Christians used the sign of a fish, called a Icthys (ΙΧΘΥΣ) as a secret sign to each other back in the day, and while in this country we don’t need to keep our faith secret for safety, it turns out we do still have other ways to secretly say “I’m a Christian”.

At the age of 16 I started at a huge 6th Form College which had about 2000 pupils, and most of my friends from school had gone elsewhere. I intended to find the CU as soon as I could to get to know that community and have that sort of supportive base, but before that started, we had some lessons.

In my first or second Maths class, I thought I overheard the guy next to me talk about church or something, so to double check, I pulled out my version of the ichthys. On my wrist I had a wristband that said F.R.O.G. – nicely subtle to most of the world, but anyone who’d been a teenager in a church surely knew I’d actually got this in a Christian bookshop and it stood for “Fully Relying On God” (sometimes I think I should still be wearing it for that reminder!).

So I pulled the sleeve of my jumper up a little and rested my arm on the desk – hey presto, my first Christian friend at college! The modern fish worked! …Pretty sure this wasn’t their original purpose, but it was pretty handy!

New TV

8 08 2011

Those of you who know me will know I watch a fair amount of tv, but it’s a long time since I’ve watched anything new. This last week and a bit I’ve been on leave with very little to do since my holiday was cancelled and over the week I’ve caught a few new tv shows.

The IT Crowd

My brother told me a long time ago I should watch this. I caught episode 1 this afternoon and it’s looking like a good laugh! It’s almost a novelty these days to find a show that’s only 30min not an hour, and with the series each being so short, I think I might carry on with this one! The other bonus is that every episode is on 4od, so I can work my way through at any old pace!

Franklin & Bash

So, I saw a trailer for this with Mark-Paul Gosselaar of Saved By The Bell fame, alongside the guy that played the skateboard guy in Clueless! Seemed like something to check out! Basically it’s a law programme, which don’t normally interest me, but it really was quite funny in it’s own way. These aren’t ordinary lawyers! To be honest though, I’m just excited to see some 90s stars back on the tele 🙂 I’d like to keep watching this but the episodes are an hour a piece. Again, they’re available on 4od, but expiring a month after they’re aired, so a little pressure to keep up!

Jonathan Creek

This felt like I was watching something with my parents. Very cleverly written, I was definitely completely drawn in to the one episode I watched, staying to the end to find out how it was done. But at an hour a time and a little drawn out, without catching the start of an episode unintentionally, I’m not sure I’d make the time to actively sit down and watch it again – happy to watch it if nothing else is on!

I’ve also been introduced to a couple of shows like Toddlers & Tiaras, which was one of the weirdest, disturbing shows ever – toddler beauty pageants, if they must exist, should not involve that much makeup, and definitely not bikinis!

While I’ve been writing this post I’ve watched another IT Crowd episode…. definitely light viewing!

The Daily Post: Describe your perfect meal

7 08 2011

This is relatively easy, but the more I think about it, the more things I want to include! And for someone with a relatively small appetite, that doesn’t really work, but here goes!

I’m not a big fan of starters, as I’ve said, I sometimes have a pretty small appetite. I’ve previously learnt that soup is a dangerous starter as it can completely fill me, but maybe some nibbles or something. Nah, let’s skip the starter!

Curry!! But I’ll go into a little more detail. Definitely chicken, maybe Korma or Tikka Masala or Tikka Makhani etc, or even a mixture! With pilau rice, cooked so it’s gone a little crispy at the edges, but generally cooked just right!

Again this could be dealt with in one word: Chocolate 🙂 I think Ben & Jerry’s needs to be involved, probably Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half Baked, with maybe some actual brownie, slightly microwaved. Ooo and squirty cream 🙂 Squirty cream is something that improves any dessert it’s added to 🙂

See now I’d say a chocolate drink or a smoothie, but if it has to go with a meal then we want something less stodgy. As there’s been no mention of veg yet, lets go with a Pimms, totally filled with fruit 🙂

So it depends how realistic this is meant to be. If I can mess with nature, then definitely outside in the strong sunshine with a light cool breeze. However, if this is real life, then that would include battling with flies, wasps and all sorts, therefore inside!