The Daily Post: Describe your perfect meal

7 08 2011

This is relatively easy, but the more I think about it, the more things I want to include! And for someone with a relatively small appetite, that doesn’t really work, but here goes!

I’m not a big fan of starters, as I’ve said, I sometimes have a pretty small appetite. I’ve previously learnt that soup is a dangerous starter as it can completely fill me, but maybe some nibbles or something. Nah, let’s skip the starter!

Curry!! But I’ll go into a little more detail. Definitely chicken, maybe Korma or Tikka Masala or Tikka Makhani etc, or even a mixture! With pilau rice, cooked so it’s gone a little crispy at the edges, but generally cooked just right!

Again this could be dealt with in one word: Chocolate 🙂 I think Ben & Jerry’s needs to be involved, probably Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Half Baked, with maybe some actual brownie, slightly microwaved. Ooo and squirty cream 🙂 Squirty cream is something that improves any dessert it’s added to 🙂

See now I’d say a chocolate drink or a smoothie, but if it has to go with a meal then we want something less stodgy. As there’s been no mention of veg yet, lets go with a Pimms, totally filled with fruit 🙂

So it depends how realistic this is meant to be. If I can mess with nature, then definitely outside in the strong sunshine with a light cool breeze. However, if this is real life, then that would include battling with flies, wasps and all sorts, therefore inside!