How they write

26 09 2011

I sponsor 2 children with Compassion UK, and recently it’s struck me how differently the 2 of them are in their ‘writing style’.

My little girl in Thailand is nearly 12 years old, I’ve probably heard from her 3 times this year, and we’re starting to reach the point where I’ve sponsored her long enough that we’re starting to form a conversation, a bit of flow between the letters, which I’m really enjoying 🙂

My little boy in Tanzania is only 7, only ever puts 2 or 3 sentences in a letter, and yet I’ve received so many this year I’ve started to lose track!

In both ways I really enjoy how they write. I love how the little boy wants to write to me so often, and I love how the little girl writes so much.

In their own way they each have lots to say!

Do you sponsor a child? How do they write to you?!