What’s the fear?

19 10 2011

For years and years I’ve had a fear of public speaking. This goes from speaking up in class to leading a group, or anything in front of church. Anyone who was at my baptism, saw me say my testimony and heard more than 2 words of it clearly was very lucky indeed – I reckon I broke a words per minute world record that day!

And I’ve always assumed that was it.

But this weekend, I realised that’s not what my fear is!

On Sunday I was welcomed into membership at my church (which is great!!) but, when I was up the front, all I had to say was “I do” and even that bit was fine, but standing there, in front of everyone, was just horrible!

I don’t mean that in a nasty way. Having the whole congregation there promising to support us too was wonderful. But just in front of that many pairs of eyes, well, the pinchmarks on my hands spoke for themselves!

It seems my fear is more to do with being the centre of attention. Leading a meeting, up the front of church, these things all involve the whole room looking at you, and that’s not fun at all!

Do you have any fears that are not what they seem?