New Year’s Resolutions – one month in!

1 02 2012

A twelfth of the year has gone already! (While we’re on the subject, isn’t ‘twelfth’ a really fun word to spell?! no? just me?! oh well!).
This always seems a good time to see where we’ve got to so far with our new years resolutions so far, whether there’s any we need to kick into gear a bit more, any to encourage ourselves that are going well, or any that we just need to admit are long gone… I’ll give mine a look!
(On top of the list below, I’ve also succesfully kept a diary for a month, which was a sort of New Year’s Day impulse – not like a gushy emotional thing, just a little five year diary. My mum’s always kept one and the useful things she can look up are incredible! It’s been handy a few times lately, so thought it was time to start 🙂

  • Quit Corrie – Going well. Didn’t miss it at all the first couple of weeks, then ITV started showing trailers for Becky’s exit, and while I knew I was allowed to watch her last episode, I found myself wanting to know what was happening. That said, I watched her exit episodes last Monday evening and had no desire to carry on, so that’s good news!
  • Watch less tele – Definite improvement. My housemate and I spent the first few weeks watching a DVD in the evenings (The Harry Potter films and worked through Gavin and Stacey) and then went to our rooms to read, which was a great method, though the last week or so I’d say I’ve slipped a bit around teatime – there’s really nothing on around 7pm! But not watching tele with breakfast anymore, so that’s good! And I think our next evening films are going to be Back To The Future :), I’m currently also working through the DVD set of The Long Way Down
  • Exercise – utter fail: must try harder!
  • Spend more time either on my violin or improve at the piano – until last weekend fail, but I’ve found a song I’d like to teach myself and had a couple of short goes on my keyboard, but at least there’s a more specific target to start with
  • Get my sewing machine back out and use it – going well! got it out two or three weeks back and have got well into a project now 🙂
  • Read more, and not just easy reads – this one was mainly because in the last 6 months or even a year I don’t think I’ve actually managed to finish a book… Pretty much since I started driving I guess! So, to avoid easy reads, this year I started on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, then fairly quickly realised that if I’m going to get back into the habit of reading, it might be more sensible to start with a more easy read. I’m now nearly 200 or so pages into One Day by David Nicholls and loving it, looks like I might manage it! I’ve also cancelled my magazine subscription after March, which should make it easier too…
  • Less of the irritating chattering – not really for me to say, but it’s not good
  • Reduce time spent on social media – not great, but a lot of unfollowing and a little unfriending has happened over twitter and facebook, which means I have less to scroll through which saves some time and means I’m not reading things I don’t care about as much!
  • Learn to love God more – doing better at making time for a quiet time in the morning
  • Learn to think better of myself – a couple of friends trying to help me with this, but it’s not easy
  • Have a more positive outlook – hmmm…



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