Thing’s I’m happy about

23 02 2012

As I left work today I was suddenly overwhelmed by how many things I’m happy and grateful about, even just over the space of this afternoon

  • Today was brilliantly sunny, and even though I didn’t get to go out in it, just the knowledge that this is the beginning of the end of winter is enough to make me happy – summer is on it’s way!
  • I work with some incredible people, and was reminded of this massively today as we prepare for one of them to go off and have a baby
  • I had to take my coat of driving home due to the weather and forgot how freeing that feels
  • I’ve rarely been more busy at work but actually it feels good!
  • I left work a little late after helping clear up from the baby shower and finishing some bits off, and yet it was still light! didn’t even need headlights on initially
  • I have a free evening!
  • I have great friends at work who agree that payday is definitely a good enough reason to eat out tomorrow
  • I wore a skirt today, and while it looks like something my mum would wear, it was fun 🙂
  • For lunch I ate just meat, crisps, a strawberry and three pieces of cake. Oh, and a mini egg later.
  • Someone has invented a folding plug!

I’m aware there’s nothing there about a roof over my head, food on the table or God’s incredible love, mainly because today it was just so many little specific things that stood out to me that I thought it’d be fun to share 🙂

People who know me will be aware I can bit a bit of a habitual whinger, so hopefully this makes a change 🙂
Do you see how sunshine lifts my mood a little drastically?

What random things are making you happy right now?




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