Friday five favourite: forms of exercise

15 06 2012

I am not a fan of exercise. Anyone who knows me will know that. I did a run a month or two ago and it was horrible, I didn’t enjoy a minute of it, and just felt so ill when it was over.

However, tonight I went swimming for the first time in 3 years and I actually really enjoyed it! It’s looking like it should become a regular thing with my friend Anna 🙂 So with that in mind, and the football on tele, exercise seemed a good theme for this weeks Friday five favourite!

Love this because there’s no impact to cause that sort of pain, and you never feel sweaty from it!!

I used to do quite a bit of walking as part of my commute, it totalled around 2 hours a day, so that was a nice, convenient, free way to stay in shape! It’s also a good time to multi-task with reading or listening to something! I’m also quite a fan of a nice country walk if the company is good 🙂

Ballroom dancing
never done it, but it looks like fun

with a rope or just round a room, great fun 🙂

I really didn’t enjoy my cycling to work – battling to stay alive between the cars is not enjoyable, but I think on a smoothly tarmacked traffic free route, it can be pretty freeing to go for a ride!

Hmm, I think that was a bit of an effort to find five wasn’t it! What’s your favourite form of exercise?