Friday Five Favourite: Textbooks I no longer need!

24 08 2012

I’m spending the week at my parents and among the many things I’m clearing out are some old textbooks. Some are a bit more specialist than others, especially those at university level, and so may not be that popular with Oxfam, and also some might even be worth more than giving away free, so I thought I’d put my current top five on here incase anyone is starting a course where they need them, or would just be interested!

Calculus by Anton, 8th Edition

Comparitive Programming Languages

GCSE Science practice papers – whsmith (published 2000)

BBC Bitesize GCSE Geography (published 1998)

CGP GCSE Geography revision guide (published 1998)


17 08 2012

“I don’t like change. Although there’s a few I’d like to make.”

I overheard someone say this today and it got me thinking, doesn’t this just sum up the negativity of our society?

The Olympics were so great for our countries morale, but it seems we’re now slipping back into what we’re used to: cynicism and grumpiness.

I’m not immune to this, I can be one of the worst, but this sentence just caught up so much of what bothers me. It sort of says “I only want things to change if they change for me, for my benefit.” The selfishness of this society.

Gosh, doesn’t this blog sound negative in itself! Apologies – Happy Friday all! 🙂 vs

2 08 2012

So on Tuesday I heard that was being replaced with and innocently went to to check it out…. it looks *very* basic, *very* simple, in a way it looks more like something from 10-20 years ago than a step forward…
Oh, and did I mention, if you click on, it then changes your to the new format when you go back to it!

As you may be able to tell, I’m not altogether overwhelmed so far…

If I open a new email, I have to adjust the size of the internet browser to get it to show anything other than a white screen
And when I sent these images to a friend to blur them, it turns out the “attach” button doesn’t even work! I had to flip back over to hotmail just to do the attaching – this doesn’t feel overly tested yet!

And then there’s the little things, like yes the fonts bigger and clearer, but now I have to scroll down to see all my folders on the left, rather than seeing everything at a glance…
Let’s be honest though, which looks like the newer version of the two?!

(click on the images to see them properly)