20 10 2012

PSHE is a school subject, not a common one, but one that is compulsory in schools these days I think. It stands for Personal, Social and Health Education.

When I was at school
We had these lessons once or twice a year, and they covered probably only 3 basic areas: 1) sex education, 2) don’t get drunk, 3) don’t smoke

They were trying to explain it on the radio this week and they said it included learning life skills, things like how to write a cheque

Things it should include
How to change a loo roll.
So many places seem to have toilet rolls finished and the next one started without them being changed – maybe this is a life skill to be taught in schools?!

What other life skills do you think need to be taught in schools?



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20 10 2012

Basic politics and how to vote. So much apathy and ignorance from young people purely because nobody has ever taught them.

20 10 2012

definitely! the first time I was faced with an election I was utterly clueless and had to spend ages reading up on stuff and trying to understand even the basic differences between the main parties!
good call 🙂

21 10 2012
Kirsten Clapham

Haha, love the idea of changing the loo roll taught as a life skill! I think learning how to use a washing machine and read washing labels should be taught as a life skill, Matt still doesn’t know what half the symbols mean!

On a more serious note, definitely agree about politics and voting. I have to research it all at every election to remind myself how on earth our political system works :-$

21 10 2012

again completely agree! to be honest I just normally put everything on the mixed load option and hope for the best! definitely need that as a life skill!

get enough of these and we could submit a curriculum to the government 🙂
and yep, I revise every election like it’s for an exam!

12 07 2017

we’re years on, I’m looking at pension documents with no idea, and just had to google washing symbols to check I’m not going to wreck my sleeping bag.
I think I need to right to the department for education

13 07 2017
PSHE – revised |

[…] I blogged about this 5 years ago and yesterday evening it reared its ugly head again. […]

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