Happy Thursday

14 02 2013

I’m not a fan of the commercial aspect of today (well, at least not while I’m single!)

So let’s have a look at the Ultimate Love instead, just a couple of videos that today always reminds me of, enjoy x

This still gives me goosebumps

New Year’s Resolutions 2013 – review 1

9 02 2013

At the start of the year I set myself some resolutions, and then added some more a few days later – here’s check-up number one!

  • Only buy FairTrade chocolate – Good! As I said originally, this is pretty much limited to buying, and as far as snacking chocolate and chocolate to put in cakes has gone I’ve stuck to it! I’ve bought things with non fair trade chocolate chips in, but that was part of the plan really. I even turned down chocolate orange the other day when I don’t have to! I’ve not even had a Boots chocolate brownie in my meal deal 😦
  • Read more – Started very well! I’ve read 4 and a bit books this year already! You can see what they were in the books blog category! Considering I only managed about 6 last year this is a good start! It helps that 2 were childrens books, and they’ve all been fiction – it’s when I hit non fiction last year that it all slowed down so we’ll see how this goes. I’ve already slowed a bit hitting The Hobbit, but I’m still reading regularly, which was the aim!
  • Limit daily time spent watching TV series on DVD – Definitely good. Watching a couple of shows a week, mainly on iPlayer it has to be said! Also I have been watching series one of Glee again, but not to the extent that I binged on DVD box sets last year – yet!
  • Study well for BSL and aim to pass level 1 – Fail. I decided soon after setting this resolution not to continue it. I was finding excuses not to go, and I was about to have to fork out the terms fees which aren’t cheap. I decided it’s a lot of money if I wasn’t that keen. I can always pick it up next year. I also now have books, web links, and a good basic knowledge I can expand on on my own if I want to
  • Exercise – Fail. Some people at work have started playing squash regularly, which is a good opportunity to start, there’s also a fitness group at church I could try, and I found my old skipping rope. I ordered some trainers which arrived yesterday. Now I need to put something into action! With lent starting on Wednesday I’m thinking of combining this somehow
  • Better bedtime routine – Not amazing, but not bad. Still have my laptop on when I’m getting ready for bed sometimes, but not too often. Still areas to work at!
  • Sort through my photos and print off some for a photo album – starting a bit of a files sort out on my computer which will hopefully get me started on this. I did do a sort out of my Compassion kid photos today and made some great photo collages for my desktop though!
  • Put clothes away at night – Um, well it’s not happening daily, but I’d say I’m sorting out the heap maybe weekly, which is an improvement!
  • Write down good things that happen and put them in a jar – I put a load of things in at the start of the year, it’s got quiet the last couple of weeks, need to keep it up!
  • Learn to love God more, do everything for His glory, and make time for Him. – This is a resolution for every year!

Friday five favourite: Sweets!

8 02 2013

So my favourite food is chocolate, no questions asked. But when it comes to other forms of confectionary, I still have a pretty sweet tooth, so thought I’d try to pick my five favourite (non chocolate) sweets!

Dolly Mixture

Fruit Pastilles (blackcurrant and strawberry are the best!)

Jelly Babies (got to be the proper dusted ones, not the mini ones!)

Marshmallows (lighter than air, so surely nothing bad for you in them!)

Ice cream flavoured Chewits (not very common, but that doesn’t make them bad!)

What are your favourite sweets?!

My big ideas: Colour Coded Road Markings

5 02 2013

When I was learning to drive (the second time) I had one thing I found really difficult, and that was simply remembering the currently speed limit! If it hadn’t changed recently, then I often had to ask my instructor, “Is this a 40 or a 30?” or “Should I be doing 40 or 60 here?!” – not ideal!

So my idea, which I happily mentioned to my instructor, was to have the lines down the middle of the roads colour coded, instead of their usual white, to indicate the speed limit zone you’re in, so no matter how far you are from a sign, you know how fast you should be going.

Now there’s a slight issue in that obviously this wouldn’t help everyone, eg if you were colour blind, but this would only be in addition to speed limit signs as an aide, not the only indicator. Another option would maybe be changing the pattern the paint is printed in?

Anyone else had this trouble? Any other solution ideas?

Always sitting in the same seat at church – The next step!

3 02 2013

Several years ago, Jon Acuff wrote about the well known phenomenon of “Always sitting in the same seat at church”.

Today at church I found myself going a stage further!

I wasn’t late, not even close, it was about 10.20, plenty of time to get “my seat” and chat to those who sit nearby, but as I drove into the car park, I honestly said this sentence in my head: “someone’s parked in my space!”.

I’ll try and put a bit of an excuse behind this selfishness – our church car park is a little tight at times, and only having a little car, I tend to take one of the littler spaces so those with big cars can go in the bigger spaces. There’s one of the little spaces in particular that has a bush growing into it, and I normally tend to go there, but today someone had beaten me to a) that space, and b) the ones either side of it!

Do you have a certain spot in church where you always sit? What about a parking space?!

My big ideas: New Week Format

2 02 2013

Do you ever have enough time to get everything done at the weekend? No? Me neither.
I have a theory I’d like to share with you.
What if we had a 3 day weekend?
I know we probably all consider this most Fridays and Mondays, but seriously.
Most weekends consist of a day of getting jobs done, and a day of rest/vegging out.
For those of us that attend church, these go a specific way round!
But what happens when there’s a wedding to go to one Saturday?
Or a party? Or a day out?
Then the jobs all get shoved to the Sunday afternoon, and there’s no time to rest.
So here’s what I propose.
A 3 day weekend – one day for fun, one day for jobs, one day for church and rest.
A four day working week would also create more jobs – there’d be lower unemployment!
These don’t have to be the same three days for everyone.
Maybe more companies could be open 6 days a week with overlapping staff?!
Or it could work like a BBC article suggested this week – 40 hours in 4 days
(See it’s not even me thinking this!)

**4/3/13 – EDIT** – Also, I can NEVER lie in on a Saturday as my body clock is still on work mode, then on Sunday I have to get up for Church, so Monday would be a great day for that much needed lie in!

So that’s my proposal – any takers?!