Always sitting in the same seat at church – The next step!

3 02 2013

Several years ago, Jon Acuff wrote about the well known phenomenon of “Always sitting in the same seat at church”.

Today at church I found myself going a stage further!

I wasn’t late, not even close, it was about 10.20, plenty of time to get “my seat” and chat to those who sit nearby, but as I drove into the car park, I honestly said this sentence in my head: “someone’s parked in my space!”.

I’ll try and put a bit of an excuse behind this selfishness – our church car park is a little tight at times, and only having a little car, I tend to take one of the littler spaces so those with big cars can go in the bigger spaces. There’s one of the little spaces in particular that has a bush growing into it, and I normally tend to go there, but today someone had beaten me to a) that space, and b) the ones either side of it!

Do you have a certain spot in church where you always sit? What about a parking space?!



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