My big ideas: Colour Coded Road Markings

5 02 2013

When I was learning to drive (the second time) I had one thing I found really difficult, and that was simply remembering the currently speed limit! If it hadn’t changed recently, then I often had to ask my instructor, “Is this a 40 or a 30?” or “Should I be doing 40 or 60 here?!” – not ideal!

So my idea, which I happily mentioned to my instructor, was to have the lines down the middle of the roads colour coded, instead of their usual white, to indicate the speed limit zone you’re in, so no matter how far you are from a sign, you know how fast you should be going.

Now there’s a slight issue in that obviously this wouldn’t help everyone, eg if you were colour blind, but this would only be in addition to speed limit signs as an aide, not the only indicator. Another option would maybe be changing the pattern the paint is printed in?

Anyone else had this trouble? Any other solution ideas?