Losing my first tooth

10 03 2013

I’ve told this story a couple of times lately for various reasons so thought I may as well share it on here. You know there’s those stories you have that you bring up when relevant, just little anecdotes from your life because they were the handful of times you had something happen that was interesting enough that others might care? Well why not bung them on here I thought 🙂

And this one suits Mothering Sunday well!

When I was younger, probably about 6, I remember being allowed a square of dad’s whole nut chocolate. I remember saying to Mum that there was a nut too hard for me to bite through. Now for this to be taken in context, I was a very fussy eater as a child, some would say I still am, but I’m a million times better now! So when I said it was too hard to eat, mum just told me to put it in the bin and be done with it!

Later that evening, I remember I was climbing up the ladder to my bunk bed when I felt a gap in my teeth! I’d never lost a tooth before! I went downstairs and told Mum, who twigged that that must have been the nut that I couldn’t chew earlier! We worked out that it was now deep in the kitchen bin. This is where my Mum is a super hero – she got the bin bag out of the bin, and went right through it to the bottom and found my first tooth. I’m not sure I’d’ve been that dedicated!

Thanks Mum!

Is there a story behind how you lost your first tooth?



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