Big ideas: Compulsory indicating

16 06 2013

What if a car steering wheel was locked other than a very small angle for road bends, unless you had your indicator on? So if you indicated left it’d let you steer left for the next 30 seconds, and the same for right, but otherwise you could just vary a little bit. It would make things far simpler!

Obviously there’s narrow angle junctions where people would get away with it, and I guess there’s some sharper bends in the road that may cause problems.

The other alternative, a little more expensive to implement is to tie car sat navs in with indicators… hmm maybe not!

Grace and Mercy

15 06 2013

I’ve always attended Baptist churches regularly which use pretty much no liturgy, definitely nothing regular. But growing up in a town with a fantastic ecumenical organisation, I’ve spent plenty of time in other churches, including many at Romsey Abbey, the local CofE church.

The other day I was pondering this line used so often in CofE and Ecumenical services that I’ve attended:

“Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer”

Now there’s a song we learnt at church once that has this line in it.

“Grace is when God gives us the things we don’t deserve
Mercy is when God does not give us what we deserve”

And it made me think. When we ask God to hear our prayer, surely we’re asking for something we don’t deserve to happen, rather than for something we do deserve to not happen, so why is this common phrase not “Lord, in Your grace, hear our prayer”?

Another definition of Grace is:

God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense

And it’s through that that we have this relationship with the Father, this ability to talk to Him, to pray to Him, and so surely it is through Grace that we also would ask Him to hear our prayer?

I guess a lot of folk would say “In Jesus’ Name” at the end of their prayer, and that relates more to the Grace side of things…

I don’t know, this is just a collection of thoughts around the idea really!

What do you think?

Friday five favourite: Chick flicks part 1

14 06 2013

To avoid too much judgement I’m doing chick flicks, not just “films”, because if I did my five favourite films I’d get looked down on!
The other key word here is “favourite”, not “Friday five best”, so I’m totally entitled to my own opinion 🙂

This has been so hard to get down to five, first I eliminated things like Little Women that seem to straddle the border between classic literature and chick flicks, great as it is! Even then, nope, it still wasn’t working, so here’s part 1 of 2, it’s going to have to be a list of 10, there’s just too many!

This week I’ve focused on what are probably some slightly older ones mainly, some proper classics 🙂

10 Things I hate about you

I spend most of this film wanting Julia Stiles’ hair… seriously!

Sleepless in Seattle

I was first introduced to this by my mum and while we both ended up with it on DVD, if it was on telly we’d still sit down together to watch it. In the film the girls talk along with a film they watch that they know really well – I do it with this film!


You know you’ve seen a film too many times when you spot a few clips in the trailer than aren’t in the film.
But worse, when you realise they used a different take in the trailer on on scene than in the film… “I totally paused” was totally different!

These 2 are a little more recent, but still fall under the ‘classic’s heading I think 🙂

The Holiday

Love Actually

So you know the drill:
What are your favourite chick flicks?

Time to speculate about the next Doctor…

2 06 2013

With less than 24 hours since Matt Smith announced his departure as The Doctor, there is already a tonne of speculation over who will take over the legendary role.

This BBC article lists like a gazillion names, which surely basically means they have no idea?

All I know is that each time they’ve announced The Doctor in the past I’ve never heard of them and I’d not heard any speculation about them becoming The Doctor. For example, here’s the list The BBC put together of possibilities to replace David Tennant – Matt Smith is nowhere in sight!

That said, reading the article this time round, I LOVE the idea of Rupert Grint getting the gig – I’d love to see The Doctor’s reaction to being ginger!