Friday Five Favourite: The Piano Guys

6 09 2013

These guys are a recent discovery of mine thanks to my friend Nisha. They do really great takes on both classical and pop songs, which are generally both clever and beautiful!
As my Dad pointed out, sometimes it’s just cello and there’s not a piano in sight, but I still love it!
Here’s five of my favourites!

What makes you beautiful

Yes, I know, it’s One Direction, but it’s technically genius the different ways they get the sounds out of one instrument! Give it a chance!

Rockelbel’s Canon (take on Pachelbel’s Canon)

A very tacky video, but a great take on a classic!

Moonlight (take on Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven)

The Cello Song (Bach)


Which is your favourite? Have you come across anything else like this?