Gospel Confidence – Philippians 3 vv 1-9

2 03 2014

There seems to have been a bit of a gap lately, not sure what happened, life just got busy and I had a few weeks on rotas, but here are my notes from this morning’s sermon!

So many people constantly feel inadequate and insecure.

Is it legitimate or possible for Christians to have confidence, and if so in what?

The answer is “yes!” – we can sing “Bold I approach the eternal throne”

But it is possible to have a false confidence in religion. Paul had that as a Pharisee.

Colossians 2 says about needing our hearts circumcised, this means having the sinful part stripped away by the Spirit when we are born again, and given a new heart.

People can think that religion gives confidence before God. E.g. having Christian parents, having being Christened, Confirmed or even Baptised. But none of these in themselves make us right before God.

People can think that living by Christian morals, keeping the 10 Commandments, or even just not breaking the law is enough. But doing good works is not enough to give us confidence before God.

Saul looked like a good religious man on the outside, but on the inside he had a burning hate of Christians. When he became Paul he found his confidence in Jesus Christ.

Jesus took our filthy rags on the cross, and we were clothed in pure white robes of righteousness. Therefore God does not see our sin. He sees us as pure, all because of what Christ did for us. At the bar of justice, we have been declared Not Guilty. We now have confidence to approach God!

The secular world sees confidence in a career, money, popularity, fame. That is not the case!

There is no more than what was poured out that He could have poured out.
There is no more than He’s given us that He could have given us.

“Confidence is a path of slow growth” – William Pitt. It’s going to take lifetime!

We’ll become confident in perfection when we meet Him on that final day, but in the meantime:: “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1v6b.

Jesus has paid the price once and for all



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