A royal priesthood, and living stones

7 07 2014

Last week I had a little holiday down in sunny(ish) Devon. My friend Julia and her husband James were being inducted as joint pastors of a church there on the Saturday, and on Sunday Julia spoke at the morning service. I really valued what she shared, so, after quite a long break since I last did this, my notes are below:

OT reading: Exodus 19 vv 1-8, NT reading: 1 Peter 2 vv 4-9.

God chose the Israelites to make His love known to the rest of the world through them, they were to be a showcase of how a relationship with God changes people for the better. They had a choice to keep the commands and covenant, and agreed to. They failed quite quickly.

In the OT a priest was someone who mediates between God and the people, who distributes the word and the blessings. We are called in 1 Peter 2 to be a royal priesthood, to share the word and blessings of God with those who haven’t yet heard. (I’d never understood that phrase until yesterday, I get it now!)

In the 1 Peter passage we are being built together. Stones can’t build themselves, God, the Builder, builds us. As living stones we have the ability to resist the Builder’s plans for us. The Builder may need to rub some rough edges off to fit us into a certain place. All sizes and shapes are needed. We are being built together.

Our thanksgiving, intercession and repentance needs, as a royal priesthood, to be on behalf of humanity, for those who don’t yet know the Lord, to cry out on their behalf, and to make sure we are living Godly lives.

Billy and Me – by Giovanna Fletcher

7 07 2014

I should admit the main reason I bought this book was because it was written by the wife of Tom from McFly, but I’d also had a friend read and like it, and it’s chick lit, so thought it was definitely worth a try.

The book focuses around a girl who lives in a small village, working in a tea shop, and falls for a young man who happens to be a massive teen movie star (which she doesn’t realise) who is filming locally, and what happens when she’s thrown massively into the limelight.

I enjoyed the read, it was an easy holiday book, though it got a little sickly sweet in places and though it has it’s ups and downs, it’s all a bit too easy!

billy and me