Birdsong – by Sebastian Faulks

11 03 2015

I could list an awful lot of thinks I didn’t like about this book.

  • I didn’t like the fact there was a very graphic, “intimate” scene quite early on in the book when I thought it was going to be about life in the trenches.
  • I didn’t like how it had so many characters that it was hard to keep track at times
  • I didn’t like how it occasionally jumped forward to the 1970s to a slightly related but quite separate plot. I was looking to learn about the war, not some random ladies life and problems in the 70s!
  • I didn’t like where the book ended, it felt weak, and didn’t end in the section/era/characters I expected or wanted it to.

…and yet, I really did enjoy this book. There was, once you’d got your head around the different sections, a thread running through the whole thing, and I got what felt like a much better idea of how horrific life was for soldiers, and also miners, in the trenches in the first world war. It definitely brought through to the front the reality of it all.

I initially bought this book because of the centenary of the first world war, and hoped to learn a lot. It wasn’t what I expected, but I did, on the whole, enjoy it!