Paper Towns – by John Green

16 04 2015

I DEFINITELY read fiction far faster than non. My previous book was about 100 pages and took me about a month. This one was about 300 pages and I read it in less than a week!

This is my third John Green book now. I’ll be honest, I picked it up because I saw it cheap and my housemate had said they were making a film of it this year, quite similar to The Fault in Our Stars I guess.

The story is about a Quentin and Margo who grew up next to each other as kids, but drifted apart as she became one of the cool kids and he did not. We meet them towards the end of Senior year of high school (yes, American author!). Margo appears at Quentin’s window one night needing to borrow his car (and him as a driver) for a night of revenge pranks. The next morning, she’s gone, and there are just clues left as to where she might be. Cue Quentin (with a little help from his friends) trying to solve the puzzle and find her! Almost like a teen mystery story I suppose!

As with John Green’s other books, the more I read, the more I wanted to read, until at the end, again, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve put a link to the film trailer below if that’s more your sort of thing! (Although Margo isn’t at all how I pictured her to be!)

paper towns

Internet highlights – w/c 5th April 2015

11 04 2015

Caroline Lucas shares some of Parliament’s secrets

Cameron spells constituency name wrong three times in leaflet to voters.

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Votewise 2015

9 04 2015

I’m one of those people that doesn’t have an allegiance to a particular political party, and so with the election coming up, and trying to read and compare all I can to form an opinion on who I’d like to vote for this time around.

This book is excellent for an unbiased overview of various policy issues with a biblical perspective, and hearing from Christian members and MPs of the five major parties.

It starts with a general intro to why we should be more involved in politics as Christians, not just at an election, it says in fact that voting should be the last thing we do! Then we cover various topics from the deficit, to Europe, to the NHS and many more and look at what the bible might have to say in each vein. The book finishes off with a couple of pages each from Christians who are either MPs for their party or members of their party, each explaining why, as a Christian, they have chosen to be a part of the party that they have.

I’d say it’s a great piece to help with your research if, like me, you haven’t settled on who to vote for in 4 weeks time. At just over 100 pages it’s not too heavy, and comes in decent size chunks to digest as well.

votewise 2015

Internet highlights – w/c 29th March 2015

4 04 2015

Major plot hole in The Little Mermaid

If you urinate in public in Eastleigh, you’ll be made to clean it up!

The fruit of the Spirit is now available as a bottled drink

The next Hollywood Biblical Epic – Apostle Paul

Three Men and a Baby remake to star Ryan Reynolds, Ashton Kutcher, and Ryan Gosling

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April Fools 2015 – Round up of round ups

1 04 2015

So as I mentioned yesterday, sadly I had to work this year and so couldn’t spend my morning scouring the internet for all the work and creativity people had put into this annual celebration.

To make up for this, I’ve gone for a wander round the internet this evening and gathered together other people’s round ups for you instead. What’s funny is, while there’s a lot of overlap, I think all of them have something different in them!

I’ve put some of my favourites, ones that tickled me, at the bottom – enjoy!

The Poke


The Independent




The Guardian

**EDIT** This wasn’t on any of the highlight websites I found, but my friend posted about Sun Life’s new Beard Insurance

Some of my favourites:


3rd April
I found one more! Ant and Dec are adding Anton Du Beke to their permanent presenting line up!