Internet highlights – w/c 21st June 2015

27 06 2015

Things to know about loved ones struggling with anxiety

When I was a kid…

The best Christian bumper stickers

Habits that are hard to break

Etiquette rules that are good for you

Taylor Swift may have complained about Apple not paying for her music, but apparently she doesn’t pay her photographers for their photos!

Women live-tweeting their periods – if you’re male, be prepared before clicking on this link!!!

If Bridget Jones had been set in 2015

Half make-up selfies

Excellent shop signs

Harry Potter play announced



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Internet highlights – w/c 14th June 2015

20 06 2015

Coronation Street continuity errors

Why you should watch TV box sets on your own

The semi colon project

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Internet highlights – w/c 7th June 2015

13 06 2015


Accessories for girls in the 90s

School finds blackboards with lessons from 100 years ago

How to use Twitter

1996 really was an excellent time to be alive

Newspaper read vs political party voted for

Things you may not have noticed in 10 things I hate about you

Dental hygiene can prevent dementia and heart disease

A better tube map:

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Friday five favourites: Cheeses!

12 06 2015

Need I say more? In no particular order, here we go!

Wensleydale and Cranberry
cheese wensleydale and cranberry

White Stilton, Mango and Ginger
cheese white stilton mango and ginger

cheese brie

Double Gloucester – this is my go to staple. Most people keep some cheddar in the fridge, I always have a block of Double Gloucester to grate over whatever I may be eating for dinner!
cheese double gloucester

Cadbury Philadelphia
cheese chocolate philadelphia
It may sound weird, but spread it on a hobnob and it’s like eating chocolate cheesecake! That said, I couldn’t see it in the supermarket today so I’m not sure they’re still doing it…

Sense & Sensibility – by Joanna Trollope

10 06 2015

sense and sensibility

This was my second adventure into The Austen Project having read Northanger Abbey last year. This means I’ve now got back up to speed, having started with the second book, then the first, am so an now ready to go onto Emma next which I’ve just bought with my birthday money! (Though there’ll most likely be something to break up the Austen first…

So again, the story’s been brought up to date, Elinor Dashwood is an Architecture student, Marianne isn’t just a feeble 19th Century lady but suffers from severe asthma, Colonel Brandon is called “Bill” and Willoughby, “Wills”. There’s also an excellent twist later on to bring one of the plot items up to day, but I’ll leave that for you to find out for yourselves! That all said, a lot of the story still felt like the original Austen. There was still so much about inheritance, about marrying for money, and so much in the way of still slightly formal language, I’m not sure it was stretched as far as it might have been.

I really enjoyed the story, blitzed the second half, but no matter what era I read this book in, the whole way through I will always picture Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet et al, from the incredible traditional film version! This time I just put them in modern dress in my head, but it was still those familiar faces!

I’m not sure if this modernisation is as strong as Northanger was, but I still loved the book, and am very much looking forward to reading the next one!

Internet highlights – w/c 31st May 2015

6 06 2015

Restaurant puns

What Christians say vs what they mean!

Harry Potter plotholes

Another attempt at explaining anxiety

Terrible technology predictions

Google poetry

Tesco are going to start donating their leftover food to local charities

The Big Bang Theory have set up a scholarship fund

Based on name popularity, what would yours be if you were born this year?

Being late is “rude and selfish”

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