Internet highlights – w/c 23rd August 2015

29 08 2015

Shy vs Introvert

This year’s Edinburgh Festival’s funniest jokes

How Classic FM reported the One Direction split

Lisa Kudrow & Taylor Swift sing Smelly Cat

Woman lives on a train to avoid paying rent

Difficult interview questions

Dream a little Dream – by Giovanna Fletcher

23 08 2015

It’s just over a year since I read Giovanna Fletcher‘s first novel, and now here’s her third! As expected, it’s pretty much cosy, comfy chick-lit, with a bit of drama along the way. Which really, is all you want in a summer read! (I actually started a book called Paradoxology before this one, but as I was going on holiday, thought it might be worth switching to something lighter! I’ve now returned to the first book…!)

A girl starts to repeatedly dream about a guy she barely knew several years ago, and in her dream, slightly fall in love. So of course he then turns up out of the blue in real life, causing some very confused feelings!

To be honest, there’s not a lot to say about this book, I read it in two weeks which for me is pretty quick – partly because it’s an easy read, and partly because I wanted to know what happened! Predictable as it was, you may have guessed what was going to happen, but you always want to know how!

Definitely a good holiday read!

The author has also just announced that, like she did with Billy and Me, she’ll be releasing a Christmas Novella, based around the same characters. Sadly this time it sounds like it might be ebook only, whereas last time Waterstones sold Christmas with Billy and Me in paperback! To be honest, this means I may well not read it!

dream a little dream

Internet highlights w/c 16th August 2015

22 08 2015

What happens when you comment on Daily Mail articles with Nazi/Hitler quotes

Introvert graphs

Where the Recess kids are now

Brilliant CV mistakes

What word was added to the dictionary the year you were born?

How the Archers sounds to people who don’t listen to the Archers

Places to go if you want to buy books somewhere other than Amazon

A brilliant example of how to get out of a parking fine

Harry Potter fan theories

Film plots, backwards

Many many Chandler Bing quotes – 31 is adorable!

Why we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort

JK Rowling’s favourite Harry Potter fan theory – Dumbledore is Death

Life in an office

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Happy #WorldPhotographyDay!

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Internet highlights – Fortnight commencing 2nd August 2015

15 08 2015

An absolute bumper load of content to make up for last week’s absence – sorry about that, I was on my holidays 🙂

Bride has her grandmother as one of her bridesmaids

If Friends were set in London

Tarzan is Ana and Elsa’s little brother

There’s a Ned Flanders inspired Heavy Metal band

Australia may limit Vegemite sales due to alcohol abuse

Farmers take cows into Asda to protest against milk prices

Test your rhythm skills

How often we should actually shower

Five athiests who lost faith in athiesm

Disney Princesses without make up

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Internet highlights – w/c 26th July 2015

1 08 2015

Which Paul Rudd is older? – possibly the most difficult quiz in existence!

How to cope as an introvert at a Christian festival

Words and phrases we learnt from ‘Friends’

Diamonds grown in labs

Ways to manage mischief at a Christian festival

Can you match the quote to the Harry Potter book

How well do you know the Harry Potter stories? – I was hoping for a fairly decent score but somehow managed to get 57/57!

A history of royal wedding dresses – parts one and two

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Us – by David Nicholls

1 08 2015

Having loved the idea and the story behind ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls, both book and film, the fact that The Times called this “Even better than One Day” meant I had to give it a go!

Early on in the book we hear Connie (an artist) tell Douglas (a scientist, and the narrator of the book) she thinks she wants to leave him when their son Albie goes to University in the autumn. From then on we follow two stories in parallel: How they met and reached that point, and from that point, how Douglas attempts to save their marriage and the respect of his son during a “Grand Tour” of Europe, seeing all the art galleries, that they already had planned.

The story from that point on mainly revolves around the difficult relationship between Douglas and Albie – Albie being a fairly hipster teenager, and his dad being a slightly awkward, boring and formal scientist. Made all the more difficult by the closeness that does exist between Connie and Albie. I won’t go much further with that as I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s told so well.

I found myself folding down corners of pages as I went when there was a sentence or phrase that I thought was particularly interesting or thought-provoking. I’ve checked them for spoilers and shared a few below:

  • “In short, my son makes me feel like his step-father.”
  • “I’ve got nothing against his dreams as long as they’re attainable.”, “But if they’re attainable then they’re not dreams!”
  • “It was a good joke, though perhaps not enough in itself to save our marriage.”
  • “Was it the happiest day of our lives? Probably not, if only because the truly happy days tend not to involve so much organisation, are rarely so public or so expensive.”
  • “The tourist’s paradox: how to find somewhere that’s free of people exactly like us.”
  • “But the trouble with living in the moment is that the moment passes.”
  • “The great virtue of defeat, once accepted, is that it at least allows one to rest. Hope had kept me awake for too long.”

Knowing that Nicholls doesn’t always write happy endings, I was fairly apprehensive for the last third of the book, but obviously I won’t tell you what happened!