Internet highlights – w/c 20th September 2015

26 09 2015

Some slightly peculiar facts

More people have died from taking selfies than from shark attacks this year

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Internet highlights – w/c 13th September 2015

19 09 2015

Some less stereotypical yet very British things

Geographically accurate tube map

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Friday five favourite: Pasta Shapes

18 09 2015

You probably think I’m off my rocker, but I have real preference of some pasta shapes over others! Here are some I love – to contrast, there’s one I can’t stand at the bottom!

A staple I feel, but it’s a good one because once cooked and on the plate it’s pretty dense, none of these air gaps, and it’s just a classic! Also, I never had it growing up as Mum thought it was too tricky and messy to eat, so I make up for it now!
pasta spaghetti

Waitrose Fusilli
Quite particularly Waitrose, I know that sounds revoltingly snobby, but it’s quite different to normal fusilli, just look! way more twisted!
pasta waitrose fusilli

Fusilli Bucati
This was a recent discovery, it’s like someone’s taken spaghetti, twisted it in spirals, and set it! Kinda like a cross between the previous two!
pasta fusilli bucati

Lumache or Pipe Rigate
Tesco stopped selling this recently, and I was sad! Then I found it at Sainsburys called something else, so who knows which is the proper name!
pasta lumache

Up until last time I went, this is what Pizza Express used in their Pollo Pesto, then again I recently found it in Sainsburys 🙂
pasta spirali


We used to have this on Saturdays when I was younger with tinned ham and a jar of pasta sauce. The problem is, if you don’t cook it really really well, the middle stays a tad raw and can be a bit too solid!
pasta farfalle

Big ideas: when someone beeps their horn

17 09 2015

So far three out of my four “big ideas” have been about driving related matters, and this post will make it four out of five!

This time it’s a plan to deal with those annoying people on the roads that beep their horns, purely because they’re impatient. This week I was trying to turn right off of a main road, onto a side road, on a relatively blind corner, so had to look very carefully before I moved. Just as I was about to go, the guy behind me beeped his horn as if that might make me hurry up

…and then it came to me:

Every time someone in the immediate vicinity beeps their horn, all drivers should stop for a full five seconds – not long enough to cause major problems, but definitely long enough to annoy someone impatient – before continuing with their journey.

The highway code says:

The horn. Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively. You MUST NOT use your horn

  • while stationary on the road
  • when driving in a built-up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am

except when another road user poses a danger.

Technically, the fact that a horn has been beeped means that someone is letting us know they are around, so you could argue that stopping to look and see who is alerting us to their presence is the correct thing to do anyway.

If they do it when stationary then that’s a direct violation, but as the person “in their way”, we can take longer to assess our surroundings to make sure our decision to pull away is a safe one.

Internet highlights – w/c 6th September 2015

12 09 2015

Kelloggs are bringing out “Queen flakes” to celebrate her being our longest reigning monarch

Steve Jobs limited his kids’ time on technology

IKEA In-store reviews

Everything you didn’t know about the Bake Off

Jay-Zs 99 problems – the full list

Disney plot holes

The Queen and her faith

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Internet highlights – w/c 30th August 2015

5 09 2015

Napping can save your life!

Denominations as explained by Frozen

McDonald’s is rolling out table service nationwide

Frank Skinner’s faith in quotes

Modern Day Activism

Harry Potter bits you may not have noticed

MUCH better names for stuff

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Friday five favourite: Things you should NEVER get up before

4 09 2015

A few weeks ago I had to be in work for 7am. I know some people do this every day – I do not. I am not a morning person, and getting up at 5.30am was completely vile to me.

There were a couple of things I got up before that morning, and it got me thinking, what things should you never get up before?! Here are my top five:

  • The Sun
  • In summer, easy-ish, in winter, we really shouldn’t have to get up so early, getting up in the dark is miserable.

  • The Hot Water
  • Fortunately there was enough left from the night before, but I should never have to get up before the boiler! In the winter I’d include the central heating in this one…

  • 6am
  • If I set an alarm on my phone after 6am it sets it in front of a light blue sky with some fluffy clouds. If I set it before 6am it’s shown in front of a navy sky, hence it’s still night time!

  • The Milk Man
  • If you’re too young to remember when everyone used to get milk delivered to their doorstep in the early hours of the morning on an electric milk float, just lie and say you do remember, or I may get upset!

  • The Birds
  • If you get up and the little birds haven’t even begun their song, turn over and go back to sleep; It’s too early.

What else can you come up with?