Esio Trot – by Roald Dahl

24 01 2016

The BBC did a lovely adaptation of this last Christmas, which I re-watched on iPlayer the other day, and remembered that a while back, I’d been working through Roald Dahl’s books, but somewhere that fizzled out, and this is one I never read. Having finished another book this afternoon, this one I read in probably five minutes or less, but it’s lovely.

To be honest, I much preferred the book to the TV version, lovely as it was. The TV version added in unnecessary complications in the plot, and extra characters which I guess allowed them to lengthen it to 90min, but the concept is beautifully simple, and the book works wonderfully.

Mr Hoppy is in love with Mrs Silver who lives in the flat below him, but is too shy to tell her. When he finds out that she would just love her pet tortoise to grow a bit, he comes up with a plan to gradually swap him up in size, bit by bit over several weeks, while she thinks it’s the work of some magic words he’s given her – too cute!

esio trot

The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – by Alexander McCall Smith

24 01 2016

Everyone who’s seen this book in my handbag or has heard I’m reading it has been raving about it, it’s definitely a book I read because of recommendations, because other than that not a lot drew me to it. But the recommend-ers were right 🙂

I definitely had a few issues with it, it runs as a series of lots of separate events and stories, but dips in and out of some and comes back to them, but only once you’ve forgotten what on earth was happening, which left me a tad confused. The other thing that confused me was how similar all the names were, but I guess maybe that was a more cultural thing? It just meant that when those characters popped up again later it took me a while to work out who they were.

All that said, it was very enjoyable, fairly light and an easy read. And master of the multi-sell, the last page definitely left me wanting to read the next one at some point (and the next one has giraffe in the title, which will nearly always win me over!). There are a tonne of books in this series, so it definitely won’t happen in one go what with my current to-read list, but I would definitely continue, so I guess that’s another recommendation for you right there!

the no.1 ladies' detective agency