Internet highlights – w/c 28th February 2016

5 03 2016

If last year’s Eurovision was run with this year’s scoring system

Brilliant combination photos

Where is your surname popular?

Much as I hate to admit it, there are some plot faults in Cinderella

Hilarious take on the Lion King – no seriously, I actually laughed out loud a few times, but warning, does contain swears

A surprisingly excellent reason why a dad is going to get his baby a tattoo

A company is giving women “period leave”

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Me Before You – by Jojo Moyes

5 03 2016

This is definitely one of those books you can’t put down. This week I’ve taken it pretty much everywhere with me, just incase I could find 2 minutes to read a bit more.

We meet Louisa who needs a new job, and ends up as a minder/carer sort of role for Will, who is a quadriplegic which basically means he only has use of his neck and head, and ever so slightly one thumb. Will is incredibly bitter about the life he now faces compared with the lifestyle of a rich city boy that he had become used to, and Louisa’s role is to convince him that life is worth living after all.

Most of the book is written in the first person from Louisa’s point of view, but a few of the other main characters get one chapter to speak throughout the book – her sister, the medical carer, and each of Will’s parents. I found it confusing at times because I’d pick up the book halfway through a chapter and forget someone else was speaking, but it was good to round out the picture a little.

I got so involved with the characters as I read this book, getting angry at some, feeling sorry for others, and wanting to give them a hug when things were tough. Jojo Moyes really is an excellent writer! I can’t wait to try the sequel…

me before you