Friday [or Sunday] Five Favourite: Tips for the perfect afternoon nap

29 05 2016

I’m getting pretty pro at the Sunday afternoon nap – today’s was amazing because it was intentional as a reward for getting up for the early service at church. I’ve put together what I think are the key points behind the ideal afternoon nap.

  1. Have a really big hot lunch
  2. Have a really sweet pudding and wait for the sugar crash to follow
  3. Try to read a book
  4. While under a blanket
  5. And don’t set an alarm – you’ll feel so much better if you wake naturally

Any other suggestions? What makes the best nap?!

Internet highlights – w/c 22nd May 2016

28 05 2016

What the autism spectrum really looks like

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Internet highlights – w/c 15th May 2016

21 05 2016

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After You – by Jojo Moyes

17 05 2016

Having read Me Before You earlier this year, I didn’t last long before reading the sequel having borrowed it from a friend.

I wasn’t really sure where the story could go after the first book, but it turns out there’s plenty more to happen! We pick up with Louisa 18 months after the end of the first book, she’s travelled a bit and is now working at an airport bar in London. We keep up with most characters from the first book too, and meet some significant new ones.

There’s really not much I can say without spoilers for this or the original book, but needless to say this is just as excellent as the first, and I’d happily read a third if it appears!


Internet highlights – w/c 8th May 2016

13 05 2016

Cheeky yet correct answers to questions

First World Christian Problems

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Internet highlights – w/c 1st May 2016

7 05 2016

How to have a better day

Incredible parenting tweets from Ryan Reynolds

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The Marble Collector – by Cecelia Ahern

7 05 2016

Another trip through an airport, another early paperback!

Sabrina is a mum with a young family, and her Dad, Fergus, is in a home/hospital sort of place following a stroke that’s left his memory damaged. The book is set over one day for Sabrina, who tells us her side of the story, whilst Fergus writes from all ages from childhood through to the day Sabrina is living.

It was hard to follow in places – with each chapter you had to remind yourself who was talking, and if it was Fergus, then work out when on earth it was!

I wouldn’t say this was my favourite of her books, but still a good read as Sabrina spends a day trying to work out and investigating what secret it is that her dad’s been hiding from his entire family for his whole life – marbles!

Favourite quotes from this book:

  • “The eye directs the brain, the brain directs the hand. Don’t forget that. Always keep an eye on the target, Fergus, and your brain will make it happen.”
  • “When you’re dead you’d think you’d want to just enjoy being dead without having to worry about the people you left behind. Worrying is for the living.”
  • “The best way to be the best you can be is to be dead.”
  • “Perhaps it’s true that you never know yourself until someone else truly knows you.”

the marble collector