The Man In The High Castle – by Philip K Dick

25 06 2016

This is the first time in years if not ever, that I’ve given up on a book and not finished it. That’s not a good opening is it?

Before I start on what went wrong, I totally LOVE the concept of this book. It’s 1962 in what was the USA, except that the Nazis won the war and now control the East of the USA, and the Japanese run the Pacific States, with a neutral zone between them. They’ve drained the Mediterranean and exterminated the people of Africa – but there’s a book someone’s written going round, banned in the Nazi controlled area, about what the world would have been like if the Allies had won!

Recently there’s been an Amazon TV Series made of it which people seemed to love, which is what made me decide to try out the book. Tonight I decided to watch the first episode and it was ok, but didn’t cover half the characters from the book yet, and most of it was set before the book started, so probably wasn’t a good measure.

The first hurdle I had was just finding the writing style odd – at the beginning I thought the author must not have had English as his first language, but then I realised he was trying to write as a Japanese person speaking English when it was a Japanese person speaking or thinking.

They also get really obsessed with a fortune telling method which uses a book called the I Ching – all very odd and I had no idea what was going on with that.

There were a whole load of initially unlinked characters and it jumps around a lot, which made it hard to follow, and took ages to work out who you were reading about and what was going on each time you picked the book back up. Even with that, it still felt like it went really slowly, and so little happened.

So after getting 2/3 of the way through the (relatively thin) book in about 5 weeks I’ve given up and moved onto something else.

Maybe it would have picked up, who knows, but I just couldn’t keep going when I have so much else I’d rather be reading1

man in the high castle

Internet highlights – w/c 19th June 2016

25 06 2016

Disney would you rather

Office cake culture is a danger to health

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EU referendum: resources and info

22 06 2016

Weeks and weeks ago I promised myself I’d do proper research for this hugely important decision. I started to bookmark and favourite and like all sorts of links, facebook posts and tweets, meaning to sit down and read it all up properly. So in my best student impression, here I am, the night before the election and finally sifting through it.

I know what my gut says, and the way I will probably vote, but it’s important to me that it’s also an educated vote.

Hopefully I’m not the only one cramming tonight, so below are some of the links I’m using and things I’m reading and watching. There is a definite bias, and you can definitely see what my gut says, but certainly some of the articles are balanced, and a couple of links come in pairs to balance each other.

I sincerely hope that no matter the outcome, there won’t be too much upset or uproar from the side that doesn’t succeed.

If I find other useful bits between now and the end of tomorrow I’ll try to add them to the bottom of the list.

I hope you find this useful.
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Internet highlights – w/c 12th June 2016

18 06 2016

95 of Prince Philip’s gaffes for 95 years

Deliberately inconvenient everyday objects

Excellent commentary of England vs Wales

A single woman’s guide to surviving wedding season

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Friday Five Favourite: England Football songs

17 06 2016

This was most of my soundtrack yesterday both before and after the match at work! I say ‘England’ because I’d’ve loved to have included The Southampton Boys by The Red & White Machines, but this is more international tournament themed 🙂

(and yes, I do mean the ’98 version!)

Internet Highlights – w/c 5th June 2016

11 06 2016

Never put icing sugar on a birthday cake

The Queen’s favourite music

Accidental Googles with much better results

Brilliant church signs

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Internet highlights – w/c 29th May 2016

3 06 2016

How to date a map

Incredible marketing …attempts

Bizarre school rules

“Engineers are second only to God” – Prince Philip

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