Internet highlights – w/c 19th February 2017

25 02 2017

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Why is this a thing?

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Internet highlights – w/c 12th February 2017

18 02 2017

The Nokia 3310 is making a come back!

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Internet highlights – w/c 5th February 2017

11 02 2017

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Always with Love – by Giovanna Fletcher

8 02 2017

This is the sequel to Billy and Me which I read about two and a half years ago, and don’t remember that well other than small town girl dates big teen movie star and all very sugar coated.

This book definitely started very sweet again. Billy was perfect, such a huge star but still loved her, never put a toe out of line, nearly enough to want to vomit, but it did pick up. Like with the first book there’s a bit of turbulence in the middle as a hurdle comes up in the blissful relationship. I think the two biggest frustrations for me with the book were a) that he calls her “baby” (just a personal pet peeve of mine) and b) that when they have “the big argument” to resolve everything, it’s just too easy – he understands her point of view, she understands his, he doesn’t care that someone kissed her, just a little bit too fantasy I think.

Ultimately the book was a nice warm cuddle, but I probably wouldn’t read it a second time. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it just… didn’t grip me as much as some I guess.


Internet highlights – w/c 29th January 2017

4 02 2017

New ways to create moral outrage in church

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