Internet highlights – w/c 13th August 2017

19 08 2017

How to pronounce “Primark” and other companies

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Internet highlights – w/c 6th August 2017

12 08 2017

Church buys the pub.

Why Rachel should have ended up with Joey.

How to use a plane ticket to get a free meal every day.

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Internet highlights – w/c 30th July 2017

5 08 2017

What NOT to say with those with chronic illnesses (and what to say).

Priests kicked out of pub after being mistaken for a stag do.

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Spectacles – by Sue Perkins

1 08 2017

I honestly feel like I’ve just spent a week hanging out with this woman! I had high expectations from the book and she didn’t disappoint.

She writes just like she talks, lots of random ad-libs, clever jokes, all sorts. Very clever and very quick!

She describes things so beautifully, and none more-so than her first meeting with Mel Giedroyc, just stunning! She also talks about her family with such affection, amid all their nuances there’s proper love there 🙂

It’s hard to say much about this book because she says everything so much better. All I can say is I read a 400 page book in 8 days – that NEVER happens!