Internet highlights – w/c 8th April 2018

14 04 2018

Man buys, insures, taxes and fuels car for less than a train ticket.

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Internet highlights – w/c 1st April 2018

7 04 2018

Tiny details in Disney and Pixar films.

Why Japanese baggage handlers are brilliant.

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Still Me – by Jojo Moyes

5 04 2018

Two years ago I read Me Before You, swiftly followed by After You, and said I’d happily read a third if it was ever written – good news, it has been!

Louisa has just arrived in New York to be a live-in assistant for a wealthy lady in society. It’s a huge lifestyle adjustment, alongside trying to manage a long distance relationship.

It’s a combination of warm fuzzy moments one minute, and heartbreaking ones the next. Predictable in places, some of the major plot points I saw coming a mile off, but there are surprises too. With 50 pages to go before the end I had NO idea how it was going to tie together!

April Fools Round-Up 2018

1 04 2018

Bit later than normal due to Easter Sunday taking priority, but here we go, a pretty strong year this year! Enjoy!