Friday Five Favourite: Simon McCoy moments

31 05 2019

On the Royal Baby/ies
(Three examples ‘cos they’re just so good!)

On a slow news day

Has a nap

Holding a ream of paper instead of an iPad

On the Dusseldorf plane landing in Edinburgh

Internet highlights – w/c 19th May 2019

25 05 2019

The Glass Cliff.

101 ways to cope with stress.

Petty revenge stories.

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Friday Five Favourite: Eurovision Songs 2019

24 05 2019

There seemed to be a fair amount of serious songs this year, including ours and the winners, which was a shame, but these were my top five.

1. Australia

2. Denmark

3. Czech Republic

4. France

5. Spain

Also a honourary mention for the weirdest song this year for Iceland…..

Also need to share with you one of this year’s interval acts (not Madonna!). They got four of the most Eurovisiony acts from the last few years of competition and had them sing each other’s songs – outstanding.

Internet highlights – w/c 12th May 2019

18 05 2019

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Friday Five Favourite: Dresses at the TV BAFTAs 2019

17 05 2019

I know we’re not meant to talk too much about the dresses because it’s much more about the actress’s skills, and this isn’t a very feminist thing to do, but there is a little girl inside me who loved the pretty dresses on Sunday night, and here are my five favourites!

Sair Khan

Lolly Adefope

Jodie Comer

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Daisy May Cooper – “If I wore a normal dress, that would cost a lot of money and I thought I’d donate that money to a local food bank.”

Internet highlights – w/c 5th May 2019

11 05 2019

A dispute between neighbours.

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Internet highlights – w/c 28th April 2019

4 05 2019

Which Christian denomination should you actually be a part of?

What odd, strange [American/international] holiday falls on your birthday (or any day!)?

Richard Osman muddled his words, the replies are here.

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