Internet highlights – w/c 21st July 2019

27 07 2019

Painful job interview stories.

Classical music would you rather.

Hilarious replies from the Dutch about a stupid American article on their parenting traditions.

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Talking As Fast As I Can – by Lauren Graham

20 07 2019

If you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, probably don’t bother with this book. If you have, definitely do!
And if you haven’t, here’s the opening scene of the pilot to give you a taster of why you should:

I’d been trying to read something else for a while and hadn’t been able to get into it, so picked this up and just flew through it! It’s her autobiography but definitely with a focus on her career, and even more so on Gilmore Girls. My favourite bits were probably when she watched back a load of episodes from the original series and shared some thoughts and memories, and then her diary entries from when they made A Year In The Life, which this was published around the release of.

It also contained some pretty decent life advice, things she’s learnt along the way, from diet and exercise, to her thoughts on being single. But all of this normally comes with some tongue in cheek or wacky joke to keep the mood light!

It was a really easy read, and a lot of fun – as I say, probably wouldn’t interest you if you weren’t familiar with the show, but if you are, I think you’ll love it 🙂

Internet highlights – w/c 14th July 2019

20 07 2019

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Internet highlights – w/c 7th July 2019

13 07 2019

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Internet highlights – w/c 30th June 2019

6 07 2019

Lovely Pixar details.

Irrational things people have done because of PMS (2 pages).

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