Internet highlights – w/c 24th November 2019

30 11 2019

The carbon footprint of emails.

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Internet highlights – w/c 17th November 2019

23 11 2019

Reviews for Woking Pizza Express.

Harry Potter would be 40 next year – suggested book titles.

Phrases we got from Friends.

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Internet highlights – w/c 10th November 2019

16 11 2019

The Mr Men and Little Miss characters of facebook.

Another example of weirdos reacting on twitter.

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Internet highlights – w/c 3rd November 2019

9 11 2019

Most difficult quiz I’ve ever done.

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Going Green – Toiletries part 2

5 11 2019

Really loving the discussions that have followed these posts! After part 1 someone told me about Bare + Fair who run a stall in Woking each Saturday, so a while ago I popped down to get a few more things to try out!
As well as things like those below, they also do refills of shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, cleaning products, all sorts of things! Just take down any container and they’ll fill it and charge you by weight – brilliant!

Category: Conditioner bar

Brand: Funky Soap
Item: For Normal Hair
Price: £8
Thoughts: If I rub it between my hands it really doesn’t feel like there’s anything to put in my hair, so I’m rubbing it straight on – even then it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much, but my hair seems to be ok after! Makes me wonder about trying a wash without conditioner one day if I’m brave, it’d help me know if this bar is doing anything! It’s going down VERY slowly though so if it is good, it’s good value! And smells yummy.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Decision: Will go through this bar which could take a long time – would buy again, but might also experiment without conditioner… or maybe try the refills? I do miss liquid conditioner.

Category: Toothpaste

Brand: Save Some Green
Item: Tooth Tabs
Price: £3.50 (for a tin of 62)
Thoughts: I really haven’t enjoyed these, and keep stopping using them and going back to normal toothpaste, so still have a load left! They look like mints, you put one in your mouth and chew it til it crumbles and mixes with your saliva to become a bit like a paste and then brush your teeth with it. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, I would carry on if I didn’t know I still had normal toothpaste in the cupboard from before I tried going greener. Maybe when I run out of tubes of toothpaste I’ll give it another go.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Decision: Will work through the toothpaste I have and then try again.

Category: Face wash

Brand: Friendly Soap
Item: Cocoa Butter Cleansing Bar
Price: £2.99
Thoughts: This is nice enough, my skin seems fine with it, froths up nicely, and is lasting well but not quite sure it’s worth the price when other soaps are so much cheaper.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Decision: Given how much Dove soap I can get for less money, I’m going to shift to that when this runs out.

Category: Deodorant

Brand: Fit Pit
Item: For Women
Price: £4 (sample size)
Thoughts: The texture is kind of mousse like – you just scoop a tiny bit out and rub it in! Unfortunately it gave me a bit of a mild rash, but other than that it seemed to be effective! I think they might do a sensitive version which I’d willingly try.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Decision: Stopped due to the rash but next time I go to Bare and Fair I’ll get the sensitive one.

Category: Toilet Paper

Brand: Who gives a C***
Item: Recycled 3-ply double length roll
Price: 76p (for one roll)
Thoughts: I have two main gripes with this product – one more significant than the other. The small one is that if you order from the company, they come in a big box with the company name written massively on the side, I’d have to get it delivered to work and I’m not sure a Christian workplace is the least embarrassing place for that to happen!
The bigger issue for me though is that they really promote themselves as environmentally friendly etc, but in not being available in supermarkets so you can’t get it as part of your weekly shop, (probably an issue with the name?!), they’ll courier it to you (they claim to be helpful in that you don’t have to bring it home from the supermarket – weird) – which they promote as convenient, but at the end of the day is just putting another vehicle on the road.
The toilet roll itself is really tightly wrapped which means you are getting a lot more per roll, so I guess that’s good, and it’s perfectly fine to use, but I think the courier issue still bothers me too much.
Rating: ⭐⭐
Decision: Might pick up a few rolls from Bare + Fair on the few occasions I’m in Woking (parking is fast becoming extortionate), but I wouldn’t get it delivered and therefore won’t use it regularly. I’ll go back to my recycled stuff for now.

Have you tried any of the above and have different opinions? Any recommendations on alternatives? Would love to hear from you!

Postscript – by Cecelia Ahern

4 11 2019

When I was at uni I read P.S. I Love You, to which this is the sequel. I’ve never really got emotional at books but one day as I sat reading the book on the bus back from campus, I ended up in tears! The film was never as good, they changed way too much. But when I heard Cecelia Ahern had written a sequel, I was very excited to read it (and I read everything she writes anyway!). I was going to behave and wait for paperback, but then my friend very kindly lent me her copy!

P.S. I Love You was about Holly in her grief following the premature death of her husband, Gerry, from a brain tumour, and the monthly letters he left her. In this book we’re seven years on, she’s coping much better, she’s met someone and been with him for two years, things are going well. She ends up on a podcast to tell her story, and a group of people get in touch with her, each of whom is suffering from a terminal illness and wants her help to do something similar to that which Gerry did for her. The book follows her journeys with these people while she also tries to work out if it’s making things worse for her, if it’s affecting her relationship.

By the nature of the plot it’s a sad book, getting to know people and then losing them, but it really was still a warm and comforting read with a lot of hope.

Given that it was probably about 11 years or so since I last read it, it took me a while to remember where things had been left, but you don’t need to have read the first to read the second, it works on it’s own if you want it to.

Internet highlights – w/c 27th October 2019

2 11 2019

Film plot holes (except #4 which is nonsense).

Ideas for alternate TV or film endings.

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