Internet highlights – w/c 12th January 2020

18 01 2020

Friends facts.

Contrasting the tabloids’ treatment of Kate with their treatment of Meghan.

A joke, misunderstood.

Misused quotation marks.

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The Infographic Bible – by Karen Sawrey

14 01 2020

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? And a whole A4 hardback book of them – lovely! The book works its way through the Bible from beginning to end, but with interludes for some that cross the whole book.

The font is very small in some places, I had to decent lamp if I was reading it in the evenings, and sit by a window in daytime, but I guess it was that, remove some of the information or release an A3 book, so I think this was the best option! But definitely remember your glasses!

I read the book from cover to cover, but you could easily just pick it up and open a random page. Definitely was more interested in some than others, I found when some were really text heavy I’d just read headers and take the gist, but all of them were so brilliantly presented and easy to understand.

They’re good at quoting sources at the bottom of each page, and there are always keys to help you follow what’s being shown to you. Also, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but when it went from Old Testament to New Testament, the pages went from matt to gloss!

If you’re into infographics and the Bible, there’s not much to dislike about this!

Internet highlights – w/c 5th January 2020

11 01 2020

Lots of stories of Tom Hanks just being a wonderful human being.

Things Britain does better than the USA.

Disney princesses re-imagined as potatoes.

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Internet highlights – w/c 29th December 2019

4 01 2020

Cheapest pint near each tube station.

Further examples of two nations separated by a common language.

Don’t accuse someone of photoshopping when you don’t understand physics.

“On the spectrum” doesn’t mean what we think.

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