Week 10

3 11 2009

So I’m now at my 10th week of work, and thought it might be time to say hello again!

Hang on, I’ve moved house since I last blogged, dear me, right, let’s start from the beginning!

I now live in a house in Guildford with 3 other people, and work in Weybridge. It’s a bit of a trek!

I tried various methods of getting to work, and I’m now cycling to Guildford train station in the morning, and then from Weybridge train station to work, then the same in reverse! Totals 5 miles a day in 4 10min slots, so sounds kinda healthy!

This means I bought a folding bike so they’d let me on the train. I had a puncture within 4 days, but since then it’s been fairly ok! …she says, let’s just wait until morning!

I’ve found a church here too, I go to Chertsey Street Baptist Church. The people are so friendly, every week someone else I don’t know introduces themselves!

Cycling there Sunday morning was more than interesting, I was neck to ankle in waterproofs, and still got soaked from the neck up and ankles down!

In other news, there was a mini tornado in Romsey today, that my dad wasn’t even aware of!

I seem to be reading the BBC website a lot more these days, which the links I post on facebook reflects!

Big news a week or two ago was that I built my own desk, which I was so proud of!

So yes, in summary, enjoying work, enjoying a bit more independence, and enjoying having a little money that’s not borrowed from the government!

And will try to blog here again before the new year!



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