Internet highlights – w/c 9th January 2022

15 01 2022

Excellent signs.

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Internet highlights – w/c 2nd January 2022

8 01 2022

You may notice that this is somewhat shorter than these have been in the past. WordPress has been struggling with the number of embedded links, which means a lot of times the links are just showing as text. So I’m trying to go for something a bit shorter to see if that helps – and it should mean I’ve filtered some of the rubbish out too, win-win!

Dogs with Jobs.

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Internet highlights f/c 19th December 2021

1 01 2022
Non Covid benefits of facemasks.
Times people messed up legally.
Tiny details in sitcoms we missed.
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The Indisputable Existence of Santa Claus – by Dr Hannah Fry & Dr Thomas Oléron Evans

29 12 2021

Maths & Christmas, what more could you want?!

From predicting the Queen’s Speech using Markov Chains, to how to wrap presents using the least wrapping paper, it covers all elements of the festive season! It’s nice and accessible too, with lots of notes for further reading for those who want to fully geek out (the number of articles that seem to have been written on cooking a turkey seems to be insane!)

It’s not a heavy book, lots of chatter and humour makes it easy to read, and lots of diagrams too, so you really fly through the 150 pages!

Letters from Father Christmas – by J.R.R. Tolkien

29 12 2021

From 1920 ’til 1943, Tolkien wrote letters to his four children (over an age range of 12 years), as from Father Christmas; with shaky writing from the cold, suitable North Pole stamps and postmarks, and hand-drawn illustrations to accompany them.

In the 1976, three years after he died, his daughter-in-law compiled these into a book for people to enjoy, and last year, to mark the centenary of the first letter, this edition was published.

He shares stories of things going on in the North Pole, with his companion the Polar Bear, problems every few years from goblin attacks, and these are also covered in the illustrations. He uses these some years to explain why they might not get what they expect, but always acknowledges the letters they’ve written too.

It’s a lovely warm hug to read over the Christmas period, I saw that someone said they read one letter to their kids every night over advent as a build up to Christmas Day, which I thought was quite sweet!

Internet highlights – w/c 12th December 2021

18 12 2021

Internet highlights – w/c 5th December 2021

11 12 2021

Internet highlights – w/c 28th November 2021

4 12 2021
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Friday Five Favourite – Christmas Adverts 2021 – The Runners Up

3 12 2021

After last week’s top five, here are the five that were great, but not quite great enough!

Macy’s – “Tiptoe and the Flying Machine”
Yes I know it’s not a UK advert, and that’s why it was relegated to the runners up list, but the reindeer being scared to fly was an adorable story.
Amazon – “Kindness, the Greatest Gift”
A lovely story of someone looking out for their neighbour, and I’m a sucker for anything with a bit of mental-health awareness, even if it *is* Amazon
M&S Food – “Percy Pig comes to life for the first time ever”
I’ll be honest, while this is about Percy Pig coming to life, which was entertaining, on my first watching I was mostly excited about Dawn French
Asda – “Make Christmas Spectacular”
Everywhere is an ice rink!
Morrisons – “Farmer Christmas”
With zoomorphic HGVs

Internet highlights – w/c 21st November 2021

27 11 2021
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