Internet highlights – w/c 6th January 2019

12 01 2019

Exercise bike that does your laundry.

Different profession’s euphemisms for “I don’t have a clue”.

Great ideas from hotels.

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Internet highlights – w/c 30th December 2018

5 01 2019

Train companies raise fares bang on time.

All schools to teach CPR and basic first aid.

Teachers who got the last laugh.

Brilliantly designed things.

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Theologygrams – by Rich Wyld

30 12 2018

My brother got me this for Christmas. I generally don’t consider myself intelligent enough to read books on theology, but this is practically a picture book full of graphs and diagrams, and those I can do!

Some of them are serious, but many are a mixture of humour too – three involve Doctor Who and one involves Mr T, so it’s pretty lighthearted, but still got some interesting content – seeing Paul’s missionary journeys presented as a London tube map was inspired!

Internet highlights – w/c 23rd December 2018

29 12 2018

Tonnes of tiny details from the Harry Potter films.

If board games were named accurately.

Cats in Christmas trees.

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Going Solo – by Roald Dahl

29 12 2018

Having read the school years part of Roald Dahl’s autobiography, Boy, in September, I thought I’d try and finish the other half before the year was out!

This picks up where Boy left off, Roald heads out to work for Shell in what is now Tanzania. After a short while WW2 breaks out and after some work in that country, he goes to Nairobi to enlist in the RAF. From thereon in the book follows him through training, going into war, accidents, and all sorts, all the way through to his return to England.

I learnt so much about the war by reading this, I ignorantly never really knew what went on in Africa in the war, and it really hit home just how little chance of survival there was for those who were fighting. It really seems to me to be a miracle that he survived and that we have all these incredible books he wrote – at the point of war Roald was not an author at all, I’m guessing that comes later, and I’m so glad it did!

Internet highlights – w/c 16th December 2018

22 12 2018

Top 20 Christmas Films.

George Bush Sr secretly sponsored through Compassion, and was a bit of a rascal!

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Internet highlights – w/c 9th December 2018

15 12 2018

How people would end The Simpsons.

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