What a start to a year

23 01 2010

I went back to work on Monday 4th January and within 2 days it was snowing! The Wednesday was a snow day, but as my housemates have the capability to work from home, I was just sat watching DVDs and stuff most of the day, and the next day we went back to work… although we got there late and left early – arrived late due to snow, left early due to getting home safely! This gave me a couple of weeks off my bike, which was nice, although it meant getting up a lot earlier to get a lift!

The blog takes a more serious note from here:

On Wednesday 13th there was a bit more snow, so as we all got to work a little late and all bothered and whinging, word had been breaking of a devastating earthquake in the Central American country of Haiti – the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

For those of you who don’t know, I work for a Christian child sponsorship charity called Compassion UK. This means that the last week and a half at work have been a)emotionally draining b)busy and hectic! [You can donate to our Haiti appeal here if you are a sponsor, or here if you are not! Equally, if you’d prefer to donate to somewhere more general there’s always the DEC].

The last 2 weeks I’ve been taking it pretty hard, reading every news article I can lay my hands on, and I think *I’ve* got it bad? These peoples lives have been RUINED… current stats are something like 200,000 estimated dead. 1.5million homeless. Horrifying things to even try to comprehend, and each day at work there’s been news or absence of news on our projects out there. Just to give you an idea of what we’ve got, there’s all the up to date info internationally here or from the UK site here.

Then I take a step back.
I’m complaining that my week has been hard, emotional, draining… these people have lost everything, not that they had barely anything to start with. I feel awful for moping, then I feel awful for feeling awful, then I feel awful for feeling awful for feeling awful, it’s a vicious circle!

The best I can do right now is pray and donate. It’s all any of us can do now… and I’d encourage you to do what you can in that.

The noughties: a review

1 01 2010

So the last ten years has seen my ageing from 11-year-old starting secondary school, to 21-year-old, out of University and working in the big wide world! I thought I’d put a few bits and piece on paper to sum up the decade that saw the entirety of my teens pass by (and my parents survive it!).

Although I grew up in a church and a Christian family, this was the decade that I gave my life to Christ. This is really the biggest part of my decade – and life! It’s not been plain sailing, Jesus never promised us an easy life if we followed Him, but still, best thing I ever did!

So 1999-2004 was spent at The Romsey School, which I must say, was the worst uniform I’ve had to put up with in my life!
However, the time wasn’t totally wasted! I have 11 GCSEs A*-C to show for my time there:
A* Maths
A Music
A Physics
A Chemistry
A Biology
A German
B Textiles
B Geography
B Art
B English Language
C English Literature

(That was a proper memory test right there!)

2004-2006 Was spent at Barton Peveril College, which I much preferred! A college of 2000 students over 2 year groups, no uniform, free periods, calling teachers by first names, and a great group of friends!
This wasn’t without exam results either, 4 A Levels for me here!
A Maths
A Further Maths
A Computing
B Physics

So all suitably geeky, and these days I suppose I should point out that this was before A* A Levels existed!

It’s amusing how each educational level gives you less qualifications, The University of Bath only gave me the one degree, but I think that’s enough! I was there from 2002-2009 and absolutely loved parts of it! Just for consistencies sake cos I’m weird, I got…
Lower Second Class Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
Or at least I think that’s what it was called properly! I do think 2:2 sounds a little nicer than Lower Second, but oh well 🙂
I met some amazing people at University, the Christian Union was probably the highlight here. With an average attendance of 150ish people it was virtually a ‘church from church’! Just felt like family. I miss them all a lot!
There’s far too many people and photos to put just one here, but if you’re reading this on facebook there should be all sorts around!

So apart from a couple of summer jobs, my main Saturday/holiday work was at Oasis Christian Centre. Amazing place there!
Then this year, incase you missed it, I graduated from University and needed to find a proper job! I’ve found a great job at Compassion UK which is great! I am a database specialist, and so get to use my academic skills in a role than enables and works for a charity whose purpose is “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”, I feel massively privileged to be placed here!