The noughties: a review

1 01 2010

So the last ten years has seen my ageing from 11-year-old starting secondary school, to 21-year-old, out of University and working in the big wide world! I thought I’d put a few bits and piece on paper to sum up the decade that saw the entirety of my teens pass by (and my parents survive it!).

Although I grew up in a church and a Christian family, this was the decade that I gave my life to Christ. This is really the biggest part of my decade – and life! It’s not been plain sailing, Jesus never promised us an easy life if we followed Him, but still, best thing I ever did!

So 1999-2004 was spent at The Romsey School, which I must say, was the worst uniform I’ve had to put up with in my life!
However, the time wasn’t totally wasted! I have 11 GCSEs A*-C to show for my time there:
A* Maths
A Music
A Physics
A Chemistry
A Biology
A German
B Textiles
B Geography
B Art
B English Language
C English Literature

(That was a proper memory test right there!)

2004-2006 Was spent at Barton Peveril College, which I much preferred! A college of 2000 students over 2 year groups, no uniform, free periods, calling teachers by first names, and a great group of friends!
This wasn’t without exam results either, 4 A Levels for me here!
A Maths
A Further Maths
A Computing
B Physics

So all suitably geeky, and these days I suppose I should point out that this was before A* A Levels existed!

It’s amusing how each educational level gives you less qualifications, The University of Bath only gave me the one degree, but I think that’s enough! I was there from 2002-2009 and absolutely loved parts of it! Just for consistencies sake cos I’m weird, I got…
Lower Second Class Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
Or at least I think that’s what it was called properly! I do think 2:2 sounds a little nicer than Lower Second, but oh well 🙂
I met some amazing people at University, the Christian Union was probably the highlight here. With an average attendance of 150ish people it was virtually a ‘church from church’! Just felt like family. I miss them all a lot!
There’s far too many people and photos to put just one here, but if you’re reading this on facebook there should be all sorts around!

So apart from a couple of summer jobs, my main Saturday/holiday work was at Oasis Christian Centre. Amazing place there!
Then this year, incase you missed it, I graduated from University and needed to find a proper job! I’ve found a great job at Compassion UK which is great! I am a database specialist, and so get to use my academic skills in a role than enables and works for a charity whose purpose is “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name”, I feel massively privileged to be placed here!



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