On the internet, you never know who’s watching!

23 04 2010

So today at work I got an email from a colleague saying they’d found my blog on Compassion’s Blogroll.

I was pretty surprised. This is a personal blog, linked up with my personal email account – how on earth did they find me?! I’m not bothered by it at all, was just entirely curious!

It turns out a simple google search discovered my entry where I mentioned that I work for Compassion UK, and so I was bookmarked!

A simple reminder that nothing on the internet is as hidden as you assume it is!



3 responses

3 05 2010


I have always been careful to keep ‘work’ and things that might identify who I work for off the blog. Just slipped up once, and that was discovered very quickly.

30 07 2010

At least with you blogging so seldom you know you won’t be watched very much!

30 07 2010

haha! believe it or not I’ve been meaning to blog this week – I have a theme and after tomorrow hope to post something! – promise!!

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