The Modern Fish

10 08 2011

Well, when I say modern I mean 5-10 years ago!

Early Christians used the sign of a fish, called a Icthys (ΙΧΘΥΣ) as a secret sign to each other back in the day, and while in this country we don’t need to keep our faith secret for safety, it turns out we do still have other ways to secretly say “I’m a Christian”.

At the age of 16 I started at a huge 6th Form College which had about 2000 pupils, and most of my friends from school had gone elsewhere. I intended to find the CU as soon as I could to get to know that community and have that sort of supportive base, but before that started, we had some lessons.

In my first or second Maths class, I thought I overheard the guy next to me talk about church or something, so to double check, I pulled out my version of the ichthys. On my wrist I had a wristband that said F.R.O.G. – nicely subtle to most of the world, but anyone who’d been a teenager in a church surely knew I’d actually got this in a Christian bookshop and it stood for “Fully Relying On God” (sometimes I think I should still be wearing it for that reminder!).

So I pulled the sleeve of my jumper up a little and rested my arm on the desk – hey presto, my first Christian friend at college! The modern fish worked! …Pretty sure this wasn’t their original purpose, but it was pretty handy!



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