23 09 2011

Sometimes I just don’t think we’re grateful.

I was brought up to say please and thank you at all times, which I like to think I’m pretty good at, but this doesn’t mean I’m always grateful.

I’m probably least grateful every morning when my alarm clock works and wakes me up. In fact, that normally makes me grumpy and/or angry!

This whole idea of how ungrateful we can be really struck me a couple of weeks back, just after the bank holiday. We all had an extra day off and all we did on the Tuesday morning was complain about needing longer – I’m pretty sure that’s the jist of every conversation I had that day! Don’t get me wrong, we did say it was nice to have the day off, but I don’t think we were entirely grateful!

I’m good at moaning, and sometimes I think that might be the opposite :S



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