My SCL – faking being bad at sword drill

29 10 2011

So I read a blog called Stuff Christians Like, which is basically a humourous look at the funny things we do as Christians. (And I thoroughly recommend it!). It’s kind of about the stuff that get’s between us and God is you want to Jesus Juke it!

I found myself doing something the other day that sounds like an SCL post, so I thought I may as well share it!

At housegroup, normally within the study there’s a few bible passages to look up right? Well, when I was in Sunday school and at Girls’ Brigade, I was pretty good at sword drill (click the link, it’s not as violent as it sounds!), I could find a passage (especially in the New Testament) pretty quickly!

So bringing it back to the housegroup evening, if you hear “shall we look at John 3v16?” You think “easy – only one verse and I know I can read it without fumbling!” But, if they ask for a whole chapter which you just *know* is going to be full of long and complicated words, I don’t know about you, but after initially going into auto-pilot and finding it at speed, I’ll find myself slowing down, flicking intentionally past it, maybe pretending I can’t find it, (all the time with a finger in the right page), so I look like I’m trying hard but just can’t find it! Just waiting for someone to get there before me so they can face all those words.

Then as soon as they’ve declared they’ve found the passage then, oh look, I’m there ready to follow it 🙂

Does anyone else do this? Or was this just a confession I shouldn’t have made?!



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