Have you ever looked at Christmas this way?

22 12 2011

The two biggest events in the Christian calendar are easily Christmas and Easter. I don’t know about you, but the way I always saw it was that Christmas is a lovely story about Jesus coming to us in love, whereas Easter was more traumatic, centring on Jesus death for us (but still in love).

But I don’t think the story in the bible is all as beautiful and candlelit “no crying He makes” as we like to picture it. And it’s not just that He was born in a smelly stable, or laid in an animals feeding trough.

God’s son was sent from heaven to earth with the purpose of dying for us at Easter, you can’t have one without the other. And while we know that Easter was a massive massive sacrifice, a couple of years ago in my housegroup we started to realise that actually, the transition from the perfection of heaven to this sinful earth and realising that that’s a sacrifice too! Not in the same way as the sacrifice we remember at Easter of course, as that’s when Christ took the sin of the world on Himself, that was the ultimate.

Wasn’t Christmas a sacrifice for Christ too?

[Disclaimer: I’m not very good at words or structuring sentences, so if I’ve said anything theologically inaccurate it may not be intentional, just badly put, so my apologies!]
[I like to think of my blog as the beginning of a thought that could probably do with some refining and rewriting a bit later – maybe I should put that somewhere!]

Happy Christmas 🙂



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